Cosmic Queen Auto Feminised Seeds from Mephisto Genetics

Mephisto Genetics
Good-yielding sativa-dominant auto with a euphoric lift.
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Cosmic Queen is a 70% sativa auto which was bred by crossing Spacedawg with Chemdogging. Due to its sativa dominance it grows into a larger type of auto with a bushy structure. Yields are good and can be excellent in experienced hands.

Cosmic Queen is best-suited to cultivation indoors or in a greenhouse. The total grow time from germination through to harvest is approximately 65 - 75 days. It has a somewhat longer time in vegetative growth than many other autos and this makes it very amenable to training, LST and even SCRoG which will allow greater light penetration to increase the size of those lower flowering clusters. A degree of leaf-tucking will also reward the grower with denser colas. Even the long, thin sativa leaves get a crystal coating and as the buds get heavier the branches will benefit from some form of support.

Plants will grow to be between 60 - 100 cm. tall and will yield 60 - 120 gr/plant although there are reports of at least one grower who achieved twice the upper figure from one plant! The high level of resin production means that worthwhile extracts can be produced even from the larger leaves. Cosmic Queen has an intriguing scent and taste of honeysuckle, candy, gas and sun cream(!). The effect is wildly euphoric at first evolving into a more soporific state eventually. For therapeutic users it will lift the spirits, soothe aching joints and help to stimulate appetite.


Breeder/Brand Mephisto Genetics
Genetics Spacedawg x Chemdogging
Variety Mostly Sativa
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Sex Feminised
Yield 60 - 120 gr/plant
Plant Height 60 - 100 cm
Grows Greenhouse, Indoors
Flowering Time 65 - 75 days
Medical Conditions Depression, Lack of Appetite, Pain
Medicinal Properties Yes
Taste / Flavour Candy, Flowery
Effect Euphoric, Sleepy

About Mephisto Genetics

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The idea or dream of Mephisto Genetics was conceived during a typical rainy ‘summer’ in England many years ago now. Two breeders, now business partners were in somewhat of a grow-off, working with equally small spaces but in competition of who could produce the best yield in the quickest time. While both breeders were growing incredible amounts of plants, neither were impressed by the effect and potency of their autoflowering varieties. It was then that a new gauntlet was laid down and the idea of Mephisto born. It was an idea neither breeder could resist and so they moved countries and their adventure really began.

The initial aim of Mephisto Genetics was simply to create and develop, unique, high potency, high quality, auto strains developed from sought after photoperiod varieties from start to finish…and this aim has never wavered.

The difference between Mephisto seeds and other companies, is that unlike a lot of brands in the market, they don’t buy in seeds and do a quick re-branding exercise.

The seeds Mephisto Genetics advertise are the ones their customers receive. They are involved in every aspect of cultivation from selection, pollination and de-seeding to sorting and packaging.

At most, two pairs of hands touch Mephisto Genetics products before it reaches our customers. They do things on a small scale, but do things properly and with love. Mephisto also actively invite their fans and customers to follow our work that we document. The list of companies where the consumer can talk directly with the breeder is limited, and Mephisto’s openness and friendliness coupled with the great reviews of their seeds and varieties makes it a no brainer for people to give them a try.

If you want your hard earned money to go to hard working breeders that have shed blood, sweat and tears into creating a special product for you, look no further than Mephisto Genetics.

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