CBD Therapy Feminised Seeds - 5

CBD Crew

CBD Therapy Feminised Seeds - 5

CBD Crew

Rated 4.7/5 by 8 reviews.

CBD Therapy Feminised Seeds - 5 by the cannabis seeds breeder CBD Crew, is a Photoperiod Feminised marijuana strain. This Indica / Sativa strain produces a High 500 gr/m2 yield. These seeds are ready to harvest in 8 - 9 weeks in n/a. This Feminised seed grows well in Indoors conditions. This strain has Various drug variety cultivars Genetics. It has a Minimum (0-5%) THC Content. The CBD content of the strain is High (5% +).

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CBD Crew's CBD Therapy sees the announcement of a world-first with the release of this long-awaited high CBD and low THC medicinal marijuana strain in a stable seed form. While there are seed varieties that are derived from hemp strains CBD Therapy is solely derived from high THC cannabis strains which has taken 4 years to stabilise with the help of scientific laboratory analysis.

Therapy has been extensively lab-tested in both the USA (The Wercshop) and Europe (Spain's Canna Fundacion). We anticipate that CBD Therapy will be revolutionary in treating patients who do not want high THC, such as those suffering with Dravets syndrome or epilepsy, or those for whom the potentially psychotic effects of high levels of THC in cannabis is contra-indicated.

With further testing and a lot of great feedback, CBD Crew are working on stabilising the THC content further still, as not all pheno-types produced low THC levels. Some are closer to 5:1 (CBD:THC) and even a few at 2:1, so CBD Crew did an extensive new round of testing of the latest seed crop to measure the frequency of these different pheno-types. They found that 50-75% of the CBD Therapy seeds will have very low THC with high CBD, but 25-50% could have higher THC levels. No seed will produce only high THC, always both CBD/ THC. No seeds produced higher THC than the CBD but variations from 20:1 to 2:1 can occur. In every package, there will be one or more low THC, high CBD phenos.

Yields are high for this mostly indoor indica/sativa hybrid with 500 gr/m2 harvests in 8 - 9 weeks of flowering. Its buds have an earthy, fruity taste with an accompanying relaxing, soothing and calming effect that will be ideal for those patients who do not wish to "get high".

While it is not a cure for cancer on its own it provides a seed strain that can be controlled in medical grow rooms and furthermore in medical extraction processing to create a suitable medicine for many types of illnesses and conditions. CBD Therapy is a masterpiece of scientific breeding that allows patients to take back control of their lives, supplement a patient's need for cannabinoids and generally improve the welfare and quality of life for those who use it.

N.B.: This strain is NOT hemp and can not be grown as hemp due to the risk of higher THC than 0.5 due to it's genetics of pure cannabis.


Breeder CBD Crew
Genetics Various drug variety cultivars
Pack Size 5 Seeds
Variety Indica / Sativa
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminised
THC Content 0.5%
CBD Content 8 - 10%
Yield 500 gr/m2
Plant Height not given
Grows Indoors
Flowering Time 8 - 9 weeks
Harvest Month n/a
Medicinal Properties Suitable for a wide range of ailments, the THC:CBD ratio is 1:20.
Taste / Flavour Earthy, Fruity
Effect Body, Calming, Relaxing, Soothing

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Customer Reviews (8)

5 stars! | Review by Craig / (Posted on 01/10/2017)
This is my second year growing this strain outdoors in Oregon and I couldn't be happier. Of the 4 seeds I started with this year each is slightly different in appearance and maturation time. This variety grows well outdoors and is very hardy. I started mine indoors in mid February, moved outside permanently in mid April and the earliest to mature are ready now (October 1) with the others ready in about a week. I topped them twice and the tallest is well over 10 feet tall. The colas are thick and abundant. They smell great, but aren't as pungent as THC strains i'm used to and while sticky, they are not as sticky or trichome laden as the those THC strains either. Can't have it all!
Excellent for relaxing | Review by Sunshine / (Posted on 21/09/2017)
Grew outdoors in Canada. She's great in cookies, smells and tastes wonderful through vape (kind of lemony and hoppy). I do find she makes me really relaxed and sleepy though, lol. Surprisingly potent for a low THC strain.
No pain, No 'side effects' | Review by David / (Posted on 03/07/2017)
I had some issues with this strain, but it being brand new it is to be expected. The company went above and beyond to fix my issue. Creating a high cbd plant that passes the "good weed" test is quite the task. I have tried all of CBD Crew's strains but I will stick with mostly with this breader because they stand by their products 100%. Still growing it out but it looks good. CBD nordle is a superb strain to try, so are CBD medgom the first high CBD auto, CBD og.kush, and last but not least CBD sensi-star. After Remedy, Med gom and CBD Nordle are my favorites thought.

I will buy from seedsman but more specifically CBD crew products for life.
Lovely plant all around and great for daytime relaxation | Review by LadyG / (Posted on 03/06/2017)
I definitely felt a light buzz. I was functional after smoking it, though. I really felt my body give a sigh of relief and unclench. Beautiful plant! Nice and sticky with great trichome development. I am growing another 2 right now! Smooth smoke after proper drying and curing. Just lovely all around. This is my daytime herb. I think I will use what I have to make coconut cannabutter to add to my matcha latte before I stretch. Excellent! Love it and CBD Crew has outstanding customer service!
CBD Therapy grow review. | Review by Barry / (Posted on 27/05/2017)
Oddly, it seems too strong. Grew one outdoor, turned out great and wanted to give some to a friend that had health issues. I normally grow high THC strains. Buds on this plant were average in size with a lot of red hairs. Cured buds look real nice with a delicate spicy aroma. I expected a weak body stone but instead it's pretty head buzzy.
Fast delivery. Beautiful plant. Waiting for flower | Review by Beverly / (Posted on 05/09/2016)
All 5 grew into beauties.
More THC Than Expected | Review by DJ / (Posted on 01/07/2016)
Great communication and great shipping from Seedsman. I love your wide variety. I am a granny, growing strictly high CBD medical plants for myself. I don't tolerate much THC. The CBD Therapy plants grew very well. I made a small amount of oil from a large amount of bud and high quality trim to create high CBD medical suppositories and sublingual drops. The oil was too psychoactive for me. It was a head feeling, not body. I hoped that I would not feel it at all. I called CBD Crew and they stated that they had several similar comments and that they are refining the plant. They expect it to take about eight months. I will use this medical marijuana in smaller quantities than expected. It's a good plant, just higher in THC than originally expected. Thank you to CBD Crew for creating medical strains.
Amazing CBD to THC ratio! | Review by Rescue420 / (Posted on 04/04/2016)
Love and light to all who provide CBD to those that need it.

About CBD Crew

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It’s all in a name...

CBD Crew was formed in 2009 by Shantibaba of Mr. Nice Seeds and Jaime of Resin Seeds, after the latter’s creation of Cannatonic, a 1:1 THC:CBD strain released under the Resin brand.

The success and popularity of the Cannatonic strain attracted the interest of Shantibaba and so a partnership between the two legendary breeders was formed.

Since its formation, CBD Crew have focused their efforts on achieving a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD in all of their strains.

CBD Crew believe the advantageous properties of Cannabiodol are valuable, from prohibiting cancer cell growth, to reducing convulsions and anxiety. Their expansive seed collection of CBD enriched strains enable people with health issues to securely cultivate their own medication at home, safe in the knowledge that the ratio of cannabinoids is beneficial for their ailment.

CBD Crew have published lab results for all of their strains, which confirm that ratio of THC:CBD is 1:1. Speaking to the media regarding their desire to accomplish flawless CBD rich strains, Jaime stated:

“With Cannatonic we discovered that only 50% of the plants grown were CBD rich. This means that out of a packet of 10 seeds you would only find 5 plants that were really CBD-rich. Our goal was to overcome this problem and offer seeds that are 100% CBD-rich, which for patients would mean that they do not need to test samples to select a mother for producing their own medicine.”

The success of CBD Crew has seen the seedbank acquire plenty of high profile supporters including renowned author Jorge Cervantes and the late Howard Marks. In recent times, the popularity of CBD Crew has grown after a number of research studies indicated the medical validity of the cannabinoid. Each strain in the seedbanks’ collection can help with a variety of specific ailments.

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