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This month High Times Magazine is reviewing their Top 10 Cannabis Strains of 2013. Senior Cultivation Editor Danny Danko presents his choices for this year’s best marijuana genetics.

For your convenience we have put their seeds together in one category. Have a browse below and make sure you don’t miss out on some of the best strains available to humanity!

One of the most sought after strains in 2013 is the highly anticipated Sour Tangie. A cross between DNA Genetics’ clone-only Tangie and their bud-heavy Crocket’s Selection. It is a serious Cup contender, thanks to its exceptional odour and intense effect. Lucky for you we’ve managed to get our hands on a large portion of the extremely limited stock that finally made it onto the market.

Serious Seeds gets a worthy mention - they have taken over a decade to perfect the incredible selection known as Serious 6.

Big Buddha makes the Top 10 with a Sour Chiesel, a cross between their legendary former cup-winning Cheese and a male NYC Diesel from Soma Seeds.

T.H.Seeds produced Darkstar, one of the strongest strains of 2013. It’s blessed with a massive 22% THC content. 

Chem Fire from BC Bud Depot, a cross between the original Chemdog D with a sprinkling of Fire OG, is known for super dense buds and a long-lingering high.

Also making the grade are Freedom 35 from Dr Greenthumb, Rockstar by Bonguru Seeds and MTG’s Dreamweaver.

Last but not least is Dinachem from the Dinafem labs, created from the original Chemdog and a fem hybrid from the famed clone-only line of elite Chem genetics.

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