French Touch Seeds

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French Touch Seeds

A relatively new seedbank, French Touch Seeds have established themselves to become one of the most popular breeders in Europe.

French Touch pride themselves on using simplicity, recycling and economy within their grow operations. They are keen to ensure that nothing that they use to cultivate their fantastic range of products is detrimental to the surrounding environment. The seedbank are keen for customers to receive healthy, easy to cultivate seeds, without any unwanted distractions of issues.

With a desire to announce themselves into a competitive market, French Touch not only preserve traditional strains but also find new, unique landraces from around the world. This means that their comprehensive library of seeds is a perfect mix of the classis strain and the modern strain.

In order to further expand their library, the guys at French Touch have been travelling to French Colonies around the world including Reunion and French Guiana, in order to find unique landraces from places where the climate is beneficial for superior outdoor cultivation.

French Touch Seeds operate as a collective of highly experienced and passionate breeders who are well versed in creating the best possible strains for the market. However, the seedbank is also very keen to generate ideas through customers’ feedback, which in turn, has seen the development of an excellent relationship between the cultivators and the customers.

French Touch Seeds library contains a fantastic mix of automatic, regular and feminised strains for you to select from. The breeders also maintain an equal balance of strains ready to grow indoor or outdoor, making French Touch Seeds an ideal breeder for almost every kind of grower.

Many of French Touch seeds are very popular and are only sold through a limited number of seedbanks, including Seedsman. Make sure you get your hands on some seeds from these French breeders taking the industry by storm.

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