Buy Cannabis Seeds With Cash

Why Pay By Cash on Seedsman


Get 15% Off Your Cash Order

Available for every single cash order you place.


Get 15%-25% Off Large Cash Orders

Get a further 10% off when you spend €200+ and pay by Cash.

100% Success Rating In 2017 + Anonymous

We have a 100% success rating for receiving cash in 2017, making this payment method even more secure than Credit/Debit Cards.

4 Things You Need To Pay By Cash On Seedsman

5 Minutes Of Your Time

Paying by Cash takes minutes. The hardest decision you will have to make is choosing what you are going to buy!

Envelope + Card + Registered Post

All you need to send cash in the post is an envelope, a greetings card or something similar (to place the money in) and a trip to your local postal service. You must send your cash via registered post for us to process your order.

Cash (notes not coins)

You will need enough cash to cover your order with You can send us GBP£, USD$, EUR€ notes. Please do not send coins.

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Pay By Cash Tutorial

The Advantages Of Paying By Cash

We recommend Cash as a payment method because it is simple, discreet and more safe than alternative payment methods.

The other advantage of paying by Cash is that is totally untraceable and always readily available. Simply, head to your nearest ATM or bank and put it in the post.

Despite the cost of sending cash by registered mail, it is still often cheaper than other payment methods like Credit/Debit cards as there are no extra fees to pay.

On top of these incredible advantages, we are offering you a huge 15% discount on all cash orders with an extra 10% discount on larger orders over €200.

Seedsman are constantly monitoring the success of cash payments to make sure we have a 100% success rate. We recommend this method if you are unable to Pay By Bitcoin or Credit Card.

Paying By Cash On Seedsman Made Easy In 2 Quick Steps

Check out our "Pay By Cash" Video below

In our "Pay By Cash" video you can find out exactly how quick and easy using this payment method really is.

If you have any problems or questions when Paying by Cash please contact our customer support team who are available to help you Monday - Friday (9am-5pm GMT).

One of our team will be happy to walk you through the process or recommend the best way to send your cash to our offices. Seedsman are regularly reviewing the safety of our payment methods and we believe Cash is one of the safest available.


Placing Your Order On Seedsman

Takes as long as you like
Instructions on how to place an order on Seedsman.

  • a) Browse the Seedsman website, add your chosen products to the shopping cart and select the delivery method.
  • b) Once you have added your chosen products to your basket, proceed to checkout.
  • c) Select "Pay By Cash" as your payment method & a 15% discount will be applied to your order.
  • d) You will be presented with our address where your cash payment must be sent.
  • e) Simply complete your order and make a note of the order number, which you will need to include in a note when sending your cash.

Sending Your Cash To Seedsman

Takes 5 minutes
Instructions on how to send your cash to Seedsman.
You MUST send Cash by Registered Post.

  • a) Count your cash (GBP £, EUR € and USD $ (notes only)) and make sure it matches the amount on your order.
  • b) Write a note with your order number to go inside the envelope.
  • c) Place your cash and note inside a greetings card inside an envelope
  • d) On the front of the envelope write our address - this can be found in your order confirmation, in checkout and in your account centre.
  • e) Cash must sent via registered post to avoid any issues. We are unable to accept cash by other postal methods.

What Happens Next?

Once you have sent your cash, it is securely transported to the Seedsman offices. Once it arrives with us, our team will fast track your order to ensure that you receive your goods as quickly as possible.