Buy Cannabis Seeds With Bitcoin

Fast, Reliable, Secure and Anonymous, Why Use Anything Else? is proudly accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.

Bitcoin is the future and here at, it is now an accepted method of payment. So get involved in the easy-to-use, brand new currency taking the internet by storm.

With major online companies now accepting Bitcoin as payment and financial forecasts indicating substantial growth, it is the perfect time to set yourself up with the future of online transactions.

It is now extremely easy to purchase Bitcoins via Card or Bank Transfer. Most major Bitcoin marketplaces accept all major credit cards and the process is extremely simple.

Cannabis seed collectors value their privacy and using Bitcoin means that nobody but you and the seller knows what you are buying - that's why Bitcoin is the perfect payment option for cannabis seeds.

We recommend you check out this short video below which explains how to buy Cannabis Seeds using Bitoin:

In the same way that email has proved we no longer need postal services to deliver (and charge for) the majority of our messages, Bitcoin is in the process of doing away with the need for banks and credit card companies. Because Bitcoin can be transferred without using a bank or other third party, government agencies cannot see what you are buying. It's similar to the anonymity of paying by cash in a shop, but think of the shop as the sum of all the internet retailers who accept Bitcoin.

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What Is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a system of digital currency that has been created and is held electronically. Simply put, it is cash created for the internet.

Bitcoin is the most prominent example of cryptocurrency, money that is digitally created and exchanged.

Bitcoins are not printed, like dollars or euros, as they are not physical.

Bitcoin is decentralized, meaning that no one controls it. This is a major advantage of this form of currency as it removes the middleman and no-one can control or trace your money.

Forecasts suggest that Bitcoin is set to become the most prominent method of completing online transactions, especially as most major online companies now accept Bitcoin as a method of payment.

Now is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with a currency that is set to dominate the online market over the next few decades.

We recommend you check out this short video which explains what Bitcoin is:

How To Buy Bitcoin

You’ve learned the basics about this cryptocurrency and now it’s time to buy some Bitcoins. This guide will tell you what you need to know to get you up and running.

  • You can buy bitcoins from either exchanges, or directly from other people via marketplaces.
  • You can pay for them in a variety of ways, ranging from hard cash, to credit and debit cards, to wire transfers.
  • You will need a wallet (the place the Bitcoins are stored). These are available when you buy Bitcoin from a Bitcoin exchange or other examples can be found on

Where To Buy Bitcoins

A Bitcoin Exchange is an online marketplace where Bitcoins are purchased and sold. There are numerous Bitcoin Exchanges available. We have listed some of the most trustworthy and popular Exchange websites below.

Many Bitcoin experts suggest purchasing Bitcoins from a website located in your own country. We highly recommend using which allows you to search for your nearest Bitcoin Exchanges.

Recomended Bitcoin Exchanges

Name About Supported Countries

Localbitcoins matches buyers and sellers online and in-person, locally worldwide.

The best way to find how to get Bitcoin in your country.

Storing Your Bitcoin

Having purchased your Bitcoin, you need to ensure you have a wallet to “store” and “spend” your Bitcoin. To make any transaction, you must have a wallet to connect into the peer-to-peer Bitcoin network. However these are often built into Bitcoin exchanges.

Bitcoin wallets come in a variety of forms. There are five main types of wallet: desktop, mobile, web, paper and hardware. is a useful link that lists all of the wallets available, based on your requirements.

Paying By Bitcoin On

Paying for your order with Bitcoin on can be done following the 4 simple steps below. We also recommend you watch our video as this will give you the most detailed instructions on how to pay using Bitcoin.

Step 1
Head to, select the items that you would like to purchase. Select "Pay By Bitcoin" in the 4th section and complete your checkout.

Selecting "Pay by Bitcoin" as a payment method will give you special rewards.
Step 2
Go to a Bitcoin exchange and purchase the required amount of Bitcoins for your order on This amount can be found in your confirmation email and on the last page of your checkout. use a live exchange rate with the Bitcoin Network. This avoids unwanted currency fluctuation.
Step 3
Open your Bitcoin client and copy and paste the 34 character wallet address into the send field along with the amount. Alternatively, scan the QR code on your smart phone to send the required amount of Bitcoins for your Seedsman order.

If you need to buy Bitcoin or don’t already have a wallet, you can find a list of recommended exchanges and wallets above.
Step 4
We advise waiting for up to an hour to receive a confirmation email from us. However, in most cases, you will receive this instantly. If you do not receive an email within an hour of completing your transaction, please contact us and our team will endeavour to help as quickly as possible.

Our system checks the wallet automatically every 5 minutes and will automatically detect the payment has been sent.