Arizer is a Canadian company whose business is the design, production and marketing of high-quality vaporizers. All Arizer vaporizers are manufactured in Canada from high-grade materials and feature ceramic heating elements as well as glass aroma dishes for easy cleaning. Both of these materials avoid imparting any extraneous flavours to the vapour leaving it taint-free and enabling you to enjoy the full taste of your chosen vaping materials.

Ease of use and durability are features of all desktop and portable Arizer vaporizers along with fastidious manufacturing standards and quality control standards that are second to none. Having produced several desktop vaporizers now Arizer's attention has turned to portable vapes and they have had tremendous success taking the North American market by storm.

Vaporizing (a.k.a. vaping) is becoming increasingly popular, and no wonder, due mainly to the health benefits over smoking but also for economic reasons. Vapers find that their herbs/extracts go much further, leading to a lower weekly/monthly cost, and also taste much better due to the fact that the essential oils are no longer burnt by combustion but heated to the point at which they evaporate.

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