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Go.Pen Plus Vape is a Pen vaporizer created by OPen Vape. It has Fixed temperature control settings and is the ideal vape for Concentrates, Extracts, Oils, Resin, Wax Go.Pen Plus Vape has a Lifetime standard manufacturer’s warranty, to ensure that you have peace of mind should anything go wrong with the product.

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The Go.Pen Plus Vape is a load-your-own portable pocket vaporizer pen that is constructed to be used exclusively with herbal extracts and concentrates. It is not intended to be used to vape dry herbs.

The Go.Pen Plus box includes a 2 ceramic wax atomizers, dabber dish, retractable charger, dabber tool and 3 silicone mouthpiece covers and is available in 5 colours: pink, orange, green, black and grey. The Go.Pen Plus is an improved version of the original Go.Pen. The new version has a 4.2 volt battery compared with the 3.7 volt one in the original. What this means to you, the user, is a 25% stronger blast and a 2 second longer draw over the original model.

Please note that the Go.Pen Plus is a load-your-own concentrate vaporizer pen which does not work in conjunction with the pre-filled O.penVAPE cartridges. We would also like to point out that it is intended for use exclusively in jurisdictions where the use of such herbal extracts and concentrates is permitted by law.

Lifetime Warranty: yes, the Go.Pen Vape battery itself has a lifetime warranty as does the On/Off locking feature which prevents accidental "vaping" while being carried in your pocket or bag.

All sales are final on the atomizer itself. Returns of atomizers can not be accepted but replacements are available here at Seedsman.

The Go.Pen Vape box includes the following:

  • Retractable USB charger
  • Stainless steel Dibber Dabber tool
  • 2 ceramic atomizers
  • Oil tank atomizer, Mouthpiece & 3 silicone mouthpiece covers
  • Rechargeable Micro-USB battery
  • 4.2v battery
  • Silica wick to wick the oil to the heating coil.

Go vape, Go.Pen Vape Plus from Seedsman.


Hersteller OPen Vape
Temperature Control Fixed
Plant Material Concentrates, Extracts, Oils, Resin, Wax
Combustion Type Combustion
Portability Pen
Heating Speed Medium
Manufacturers Warranty Lifetime

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About OPen Vape

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The O.Pen Vape company was founded in 2012 by Jeremy Heidl, Ralph Morgan and Christopher McElvany in Denver, Colorado. Colorado is famous of course for being the first of the U.S. states to fully legalise the recreational use of marijuana/cannabis. O.PenVape has a licensee/distribution network that covers North America (including Canada), Europe, South Africa and Jamaica. O.Pen Vape designs, manufactures and markets a range of portable vaporizers for oils, concentrates and dry herbs, as well as accessories and oil-filled cartridges, the latter manufactured employing supercritical CO2 extraction.

This is a process which is being increasingly used for industrial extraction techniques due to its low toxicity and accompanying low environmental impact. In brief, the carbon dioxide's temperature and pressure are increased to the point at which it behaves like a supercritical liquid at the supercritical points of 31.10 °C and 72.9 atmospheres (1,071 lbs/psi). In this state the CO2 expands like a gas but acts with the density of a liquid. The process's low temperature coupled with the stability of CO2 allows most compounds to be extracted with little damage or denaturing occurring. In addition, the solubility of many extracted compounds in CO2 varies with pressure thus making accurate, selective extractions possible. This has clear advantages in extracting CBD for medical usage.

O.penVAPE was, and indeed remains, a founding member of the National Cannabis Industry Association and the company's leaders are advocates for the legal and safer use of recreational marijuana. They also passionately support medical marijuana and to this end they have hired a well-qualified team of scientists to drive research and development in this area. In fact Ralph Morgan, O.PenVape's CEO, was appointed by the Denver Department of Environmental Health to serve on its Cannabis Sustainability Work Group, in December 2015, in order to define best practices and also to develop educational resources for the industry.

O.PenVape's most recent initiative was to develop a range of co-branded oil cartridges with Amsterdam's Green House Seed Co.

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