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Women In Weed: Celebrating the Trailblazing Toking Women

Bess Byers

In honour of International Women’s Day on the 8th March, Seedsman are launching a Women in Weed campaign (4-11 March) to celebrate the pioneering work of women in the cannabis industry. We want to shine the spotlight on the women who have paved, or who are paving the way forward for cannabis.

From drug policy reform to science, culture to cuisine, and business through to healthcare, women are at the helm. Just often more quietly than their male counterparts.

Mara Gordon

More women hold executive position in the cannabis sector than in most industries. Across all sectors women take up around a quarter of exec positions, but in cannabis we hold 37% of these. Many of the major achievements in drug policy reform have been spearheaded by women – from the women who together with the LGBQT+ community fought for medical cannabis legalisation in California during the HIV/AIDS epidemic, to the mothers who have forced law changes for medical cannabis in the UK and other countries around the world. In science and medicine women are helping uncover the benefits of cannabinoids and developing treatments for a wide range of conditions. To champion the achievements of these women and more, we will have a week full of related blog content on our site.

As a way of saying thanks to the women rocking the cannabis world, and to the female cannabis plant, we will also be giving away free seeds.

Cannabis Seed Giveaway

We’re giving away a total of 280 seeds to 14 lucky winners! Get as many entries as you can by referring your friends and family to #WomenInWeed. Competition winners will be announced on the 15th of March.

​What’s the prize?

Each winner will receive 10 seeds of Gelat.OG (fem) & 10 seeds of White Widow (fem)​. Click here to enter.

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