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Which Foods Strengthen Your High?

Sometimes the higher you are, the more you eat. But you might not realise that the relationship between food and weed can be a two-way street. By pairing the right foods with cannabis, you’ll find that the more you eat, the higher you get.

Foods to Boost Your Cannabis High

While there’s little actual research into which foods boost the effects of cannabis, stoner lore is full of valuable teachings about how to increase your high by eating. The most tried and tested method involves mangoes, which contain a high terpene concentration called myrcene.

Also present in weed, myrcene gives certain strains a distinct peppery taste and likely contributes to the plant’s psychoactive properties. According to some, the terpene is responsible for the couch-lock effect produced by many indica varieties. At the same time, the energetic high caused by sativa cultivars is sometimes attributed to low levels of myrcene. All of this is debatable and needs corroborating. Still, many experienced pot users swear by mangoes. Eating one an hour or so before sparking up can noticeably enhance the effects of weed, so they say.

Foods that contain fatty acids also go well with cannabis and can speed up the onset of a high while also making it last longer. This is because THC needs to bind to fat before it can pass through the blood-brain barrier. Therefore, eating eggs or nuts before getting stoned is a good idea if you want to supersize your high.

Foods to Make Cannabis More Relaxing

Not everyone likes getting totally baked, and many people use weed to chill and unwind. Fortunately, several foods can enhance the relaxing effects of cannabis. Among these is broccoli, which contains high levels of a terpene called beta-caryophyllene.

Unlike other terpenes, beta-caryophyllene binds to cannabinoid receptors – specifically the CB2 receptor – and is therefore considered by some to be a cannabinoid in its own right. The CB2 receptor plays a role in reducing anxiety and alleviating pain and inflammation. According to many regular weed smokers, eating a load of broccoli shortly before getting high significantly increases their chill.

Similarly, green tea is loaded with catechins, which are antioxidants that interact with CB1 receptors to reduce stress, elevate mood and create a sense of relaxation. Putting the kettle on just before lighting up a joint may therefore be a good idea if you intend to zen out.

Other foods can be paired with cannabis to take the edge off and reduce any unwanted side effects like paranoia. Herbs and spices like sage, basil, and thyme, for instance, contain a terpene called pinene, which reduces anxiety and is said to add a soothing touch when the high gets a bit too intense.

So, whether you want to get stoned off your nut or just chill your beans, there are plenty of foods that you can combine with cannabis to hack your high.

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