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What Is Delta-10-THC?

For the past couple of years, the hype has been steadily growing around a cannabinoid called delta-8-THC, which resembles the more famous delta-9-THC yet is not subject to the same legal restrictions. More recently, another compound called delta-10-THC has begun to gain attention. However, with research into this novel cannabinoid remaining scarce, we still have much to learn about its effects.

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How Does Delta-10-THC Differ From Delta-9-THC?

Given their similar names, it probably won’t come as much of a surprise to learn that delta-10-THC and delta-9-THC share the same chemical structure. The one difference between them is that delta-9 contains a double bond on the ninth atom of its hydrocarbon chain, and delta-10 features a double bond on the tenth atom.

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As a result, delta-10-THC probably can’t bind with the brain’s cannabinoid receptors quite as efficiently as delta-9-THC can, meaning it is likely to produce milder effects. No studies have been conducted to confirm this, though. This means the cannabinoid’s exact mechanisms of action are still subject to guesswork.

Delta-10-THC also occurs in much lower concentrations in cannabis than delta-9-THC does. Typically, it can only be detected in trace amounts, and no existing cultivars contain high levels of the cannabinoid. It must therefore be synthesised from CBD and is only available as an extract or in edibles.

Does Delta-10-THC Get You High?

Anecdotal reports suggest that delta-10-THC will get you high, but to a much lesser extent than delta-9-THC. According to some users, the effects of delta-10 resemble those of sativa cannabis strains, providing an energy boost while enhancing focus and creativity.

Because it is much weaker than regular THC, delta-10-THC may be a good option for those who struggle with the undesirable effects of weed, such as paranoia or anxiety. Based on what people are saying, delta-10 is mild enough not to trigger any unwanted effects yet strong enough to be pleasurable.

In contrast, delta-8-THC is described as being akin to some indica cultivars and provides more of a relaxing high. While delta-8 may therefore be ideal at night, daytime users might want to consider delta-10.

The legality of delta-10-THC varies from country to country. Its popularity in the US owes much to the Farm Bill of 2018, which legalised hemp. Because delta-10-THC can be created from hemp-derived CBD, it is considered to be a legal product.

However, the DEA has proposed a change to the bill which would make any synthetic cannabinoids illegal. It is unclear if delta-10-THC would be classed as synthetic under this ruling. As such, the cannabinoid exists in a legal grey area.

While delta-10-THC may not occur in significant quantities in cannabis flowers, several cultivars in the Seedsman catalogue provide similar effects to this intriguing cannabinoid. Sour Diesel, for instance, is perfect for an energetic high, while Skunk #1 is known for its euphoric effects.

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