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Vermont Set for Recreational Cannabis, if Governor Signs Bill

Vermont is set to become the 9th state in America to legalize recreational cannabis, if Gov. Phil Scott approves and signs the bill.

Last Wednesday, the Vermont state legislature approved the bill legalizing recreational cannabis by a 79-66 margin. This historical bill became the first recreational cannabis measure to be approved by a state legislature rather than a public vote.

However, before this can be passed into law, state governor, Republican Phil Scott must approve and sign the bill, something which may not happen.

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott (Rep) must decide on recreational marijuana in the state.

Scott has never been a vocal supporter of recreational marijuana, explaining to local media in 2016 that he believed that Vermont was not ready for any kind of cannabis law “right now”. A more recent statement made by a spokeswoman of Scott’s appeared to show further concerns;

“On the issue of legalizing marijuana, the governor has said he is not philosophically opposed, but we must ensure certain public safety and health questions are answered,”

If Scott does sign the bill into law, adults in Vermont will be able to consume cannabis legally and people aged 21 and older will be permitted to grow up to two cannabis plants on their property. Possession of up to one ounce of cannabis would also be legal.

The political director of the New England sector of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), Matt Simon is keen for Scott to pass the bill ;

“It’s time for Vermont to move forward with a more sensible marijuana policy. The voters and the Legislature are behind it, and we hope the governor will be, too.”

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