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UK Vs Canadian Cannabis Culture – With Drewissharing and Pigeons420

In Seedsman’s latest livestream, we brought together two of the internet’s most influential cannabis-based content producers to discuss the differences between cannabis culture in the UK and Canada. Appearing in conversation for the first time, Britain’s Drew Gilchrist – aka DrewIsSharing – and Canada’s Pigeons420 got stuck into everything from legality and pricing to 420 and curing techniques.

Curing Cannabis In Canada And The UK

As with so many conversations between weed enthusiasts, the live stream kicked off with a discussion about how to identify high-quality bud, and whether or not white ash really does signify clean cannabis. While this is often touted as a sign of quality, our cannabis experts from both the UK and Canada agreed that this isn’t necessarily the case, and that black ash weed can often be just as good.

Ultimately, it’s all about the taste, the smell and the feel of the smoke. As long as the bud in question has been properly cured, the colour of the ash shouldn’t matter. However, given that curing can take time, it seems that some growers in both the UK and Canada are now trying to cut corners.

“In our market right now, people are irradiating weed to cure it. So they’re exposing it to radiation,” explains Pigeons420. “These are places that are producing and providing medical cannabis to patients. It’s ludicrous – when there is a tried, tested, true way of doing it right, why are you not doing it that way? Why are we introducing radiation? That’s fucked.”

Unfortunately, much of the medical cannabis in the UK is cured in a similar way, as DrewIsSharing reveals: “when you get your subscription here in the UK, almost every bit is gamma irradiated. There’s only a couple of brands which are non-irradiated.”

Returning to the topic later in the chat, our experts agree that the old-fashioned method is still the best way to cure weed, and that storing it in jars under controlled humidity and temperature levels is the way to go. “You just gotta keep an eye on it, because there’s nothing worse than mould in your weed,” says Pigeons420.

Using Cannabis On 420 In Canada And The UK

Having recently posted a video of an altercation he had with the police on 420, DrewIsSharing explained how this year’s celebrations in London were not organised in the way they have been in the past, resulting in an increase in tension between revellers and police officers.

In response, Pigeons240 revealed that “we definitely don’t have that same kind of hostility, in most places here. Particularly when it comes to 420, because it’s always been the unwritten rule for many years, whether legal or not, that on 420 you would go and blaze up at your town hall or your city hall.”

Naturally, this led on to a discussion about what it’s like in Canada now that cannabis has been legalised. “Now that it is legal we can consume and most of the provinces can grow too,” explained Pigeons420. “The problem, though, is that when we went legal they didn’t expunge records. They left it so people had to apply, they had to pay a fee. But if this shit’s legal now, just make [prior convictions] go away.”

In stark contrast to Canada, cannabis cultivation remains illegal in the UK, when means that users can’t officially grow their own supply and have to buy it from a dealer. According to DrewIsSharing, the only way to guarantee high-quality bud is to purchase expensive “designer weed” that is imported from California, often at a price of over $400 per ounce.

“UK weed is so inconsistent,” he says. “And when you smoke pure like me – I don’t smoke with tobacco like a lot of people in the UK do – you actually notice when your weed’s shit.”

In response, Pigeons420 calculated that his costs amount to a miniscule 11 cents per gram of home-grown cannabis, taking into account all materials and energy usage. With many others in Canada now cultivating their own supply, he explained that “there are plenty of people out there that have the ability to take care of their own medication. They don’t need to be dependent upon anyone else other than themselves.”

To all those living in locations where cultivation is legal, Pigeons420 has a very clear message: “Do it. It’s no different to growing tomatoes. You will figure it out, and there are so many resources on the internet [to help you get started].”

“As soon as I can legally grow weed, I will legally grow weed,” replied DrewIsSharing.

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Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.

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