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Top 5 Indica Cannabis Strains 2022

Last week we listed which sativa strains we thought would take 2022 by storm. And we were going to leave it at that, but not doing the same for indica plants felt…off. Like leaving a fridge door open. And so, here we are. Let’s talk indica cannabis.

If you think this year will be like last year (totally ridiculous), you need to grow your own indica. 

Indica (or in-da-couch) marijuana is known for its more heady qualities. Indica (to oversimplify) tends to have much more of an effect on a users’ body – they produce an intensely relaxing sensation and can cause users to become ‘couch-locked.’ 

This is, sadly, where the lazy stoner stereotype originates. After all, we’ve all experienced what happens after a serious indica session and how difficult it can seem to make that short trip to the fridge to satisfy your munchies.

That being said, a good indica at the right time could be precisely what you need – both physically and mentally. Medical marijuana owes much to indica cannabis, with many people suffering from anxiety, PTSD or chronic pain consuming potent indica strains to help cope. 

So, if you’re looking to grow your own top quality indica cannabis strains, we thought we’d make your life easier with the best indica strains of 2022. 

But first:

A Note on Hybrid Indica Cannabis

In 2022 it is becoming increasingly rare to come across a strain that is 100% indica or sativa. Like a landrace would be. Most seeds you can collect are what is known as a hybrid. This means that through the selective breeding of different strains from both varieties, growers can pick and choose the traits and effects they want to be present in their new strain.

The utilization of selective breeding has led to the proliferation of hybrid strains, and for a good reason. There are positives and benefits associated with both cannabis indica and sativa varieties – and these are different from individual to individual – and the ability to create strains that are almost tailor-made to each individual’s needs means that purely sativa or indica marijuana strains have become a lot less prevalent. Because of this, every hybrid strain will have unique effects and characteristics, but you can make a good guess as to what those will be by looking at the genetics of that particular strain and working backwards.

Hybrid strains are the most common weed strains on the market, but most are more indica or more sativa. So don’t be put off by a “hybrid” if you’re looking for indica seeds.

Right, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s continue. All strains below are indica-dominant hybrids. If you’re looking for a pure indica strain, click here.

The 5 strains listed below are perfect for a night in. All are relatively easy to cultivate (the autos especially) and should keep your mellow vibe going across what promises to be yet another un-mellow year. 

#1 Larry Lemon OG Auto

Larry Lemon O.G. Auto is the auto-flowering version of this elite U.S. Ocean Grown (O.G.) strain. This strong indica dominant strain was created by crossing Lemon Larry (OG Kush x SVF OG) with an O.G. Auto, somewhat paradoxically in Orange County, California, given its name. With a slight Indica-dominance, Larry Lemon O.G. Auto produces high yields of elongated buds, not incredibly dense but tight enough, from plants remarkably similar to the standard feminized version of Lemon Larry. It exudes an unmistakable lemon citrus scent during flowering and glistening trichomes. 

indica cannabis

The taste of Larry Lemon O.G. Auto is somewhat acidic, similar to that of New York City Diesel, with powerful lemon and earthy notes. THC production is high, and the effect is potent, relaxing and euphoric, a head high without becoming too physical or debilitating at all. 

#2 L.A. Peyote Kush

L.A. Peyote Kush is an indica dominant strain that crosses the clone-only L.A. Kush with Peyote Purple. LA Kush’s origins are shrouded in mystery, with some claims that it’s from an OG Kush phenotype, possibly crossed with Diesel. At the same time, another story has it that it hailed from Orange County in California and was grown from a single bag seed. Peyote Purple, meanwhile, is an S1 back-cross of Bubba Kush and is known for its high THC potential and its deep purple, almost black, appearance towards the end of flowering.

This indica kush strain offers some pronounced cerebral effects with a relaxing yet uplifting effect, leaving users sleepy and somewhat unfocused with heavier use. The scent of mint pervades the grow room, while earthy tastes of menthol and pine have some diesel/chem notes. With THC between 19 – 21%, the effect is potent yet quite upbeat, and it is undoubtedly no couch-lock strain, much like the other indica strains in this list. 

Uplifting, happy, physically relaxing, and mentally creative. L.A. Peyote Kush combines the very best attributes of both parent strains in a pleasurably full package.

#3 Gelat. O.G Auto

Gelat. with an OG Kush Auto male plant, O.G. Auto was bred by crossing Gelato, a cross of the Platinum pheno of Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. The Gelato brings plenty of THC and a rich, dessert-like scent, while the Auto O.G. contributes auto-flowering genetics and a size reduction. Its buds are dense and complex, dark with orange pistils and dripping with resin. Some plants may develop purple shades. It’s an easy grow when looked after, so perfect for beginners.

indica cannabis

Its scent is reminiscent of mint, cookies, and wood, while a sweet citrus taste is noticeable with some earthy notes and a sweet flavour on the palate. THC production is very high, and its effect offers a powerful sense of euphoria, which evolves into deep relaxation.

#4 Alaskan Purple

Alaskan Purple has some fine heritage, having been bred by crossing Purple Alaskan, Kush, and a Brazilian sativa strain. Highly vigorous strain, adaptable to various cultivation techniques, excellent yields, and displaying lovely purple hues at maturity. 

This 3-way hybrid strain is an excellent addition to the Seedsman range of fem cannabis seeds. Alaskan Purple is a highly adaptable strain that lends itself to many different techniques whether grown in a SoG, SCRoG, LST, super-cropping, apical topping or surprise the neighbours with its sheer size outdoors!

indica cannabis

Both scent and taste are reminiscent of sweet berries with some floral notes. This is a potent strain with a high THC content and Kush power. Its relaxing effects are lifted somewhat by the Brazilian sativa genetics, which adds a cerebral, psycho-active note.

#5 Critical Purple Kush

Critical Purple Kush is not too dissimilar to the Critical plant except that it is a little bit taller and has a longer inter-nodal length, similar to its ancestor Hindu Kush. It was bred by crossing Blueberry, Critical and Peyote Purple and is 80% indica.

The taste combines pineapple and forest fruit flavours and little nuances of lemon and Skunk derived from the Critical component. THC levels are high with low CBD. The effect is highly physically relaxing, and it is recommended for medical usage.

Indica Cannabis Honorable Mentions

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is an indica hybrid strain that is the most successful indica ever in terms of sales. It has many qualities, including ease of cultivation, high THC and CBD and a seven-week flowering period.

The dense buds give off a classic skunk scent and a sweet citrus flavour when you smoke it. Give this Northern Lights a go whenever you need some serious R&R.


Blueberry was created by Canadian D.J. Short and dates back to the 1970s. It is a 3-way Indica-dominant hybrid cross of an Afghani strain together with Thai and a Purple Thai and is one of the most popular indica strains ever sold. 

Unsurprisingly, when fully cured, Blueberry has an incredibly fruity perfume along with the unmistakable sweet taste of blueberries. The effect is a very potent yet happy one, euphoric yet relaxing and enduring. Another quality of Blueberry is that, although taking a while to cure out, when correctly prepared and packaged, it has a long shelf-life compared with many strains available today. 

Grandaddy Purple

There are lots of imitators out there today. Still, this propriety “Royal Indica” strain whose puffy buds are unusually dense, magnificent in their unreal colour scheme, their unmistakable smell, excellent taste, and unbelievable potency are what make it, straight up uniquely… the “Real Deal! These seeds are the result of crossing Ken’s GDP clone to a lucky male find out of that same bud! GDP then uses the female/male progeny to further develop their GDP in seed form.

Introducing the Grandaddy of purple strains – Grand Daddy Purple.

Its scent is intoxicating, smelling sweet, ripe wine grapes and wild berries. THC production is almost off the scale! This makes it an excellent medical strain for relieving pain, reducing nausea, curing insomnia , and relieving moderate to severe cases of anxiety. Its potent cerebral effect can develop into a delightful and relaxing body high, and it is an ideal variety to go for when looking for some relaxation or pain relief. A true full-body high.

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.

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