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Top 10 Autoflowering Sativas (2021)

Autoflowering cannabis plants are increasingly popular due to being super easy to grow. They rarely require pruning or training of any kind, grow faster than photoperiods, and suit limited-sized grow spaces or stealthy outdoor grows due to their short stature. They generally exhibit strong, sturdy, and resilient genetics, and what’s more, there is no need to worry about specific light cycles for flowering, making them perfect for beginner growers.

Autoflowering sativas

Sativa strains are generally associated with a more upbeat and energetic high than indicas, which can be heavy-hitting, sedating, and leave your couch-locked if you overdo it! For the daytime smoke, working, creativity, or socialising, sativas are often the preferred choice. However, from a grower’s perspective, they can take longer to get to harvest and be a little less resilient and fussy.

This is where the cross with a ruderalis strain comes in handy, giving the sativa more resilience and a faster growth period.

Here are Seedsman’s top 10 autoflowering sativas.

#10 Expert Seeds New York Diesel Auto

New York Diesel Auto is a sativa-dominant strain bred from New York Diesel and a secret ruderalis strain. This auto has a well-loved pungent diesel flavour coupled with sweet citrus and red grapefruit tones. It is delicious tasting and, with high levels of THC, produces a delightfully cerebral high and energetic buzz, making it great for motivation, socialising, and physical activities.

Therapeutic benefits are claimed for New York Diesel Auto – improving appetite, relieving pain and nausea, depression, migraines, muscle spasms, anxiety, and stress while increasing energy.

#9 Phoenix Seeds AK27 Auto

Autoflowering Sativas

Since the mid- 1990s, AK genetics have been in demand by a large number of breeding projects. The AK27 is a beautiful balance of sativa and indica, although the sativa side of the strain tends to take centre stage. It produces hard, tight buds and grows to a height of around 50 – 70 cm, and has a very distinctive and pungent smell as it matures. The autoflowering and feminised genetics mean that AK is excellent for novice growers. It is perfect for learning everything about cannabis growing and gives great, high-quality yields even with minor mishaps.

Taste-wise, the palate is sweet with earthy and floral undertones. The effects are both relaxing and uplifting – ideal for socialising or creative projects.

#8 Greenhouse Seed Co. Super Lemon Haze Auto

Super Lemon Haze Auto is the auto-flowering version of this popular Green House Seeds’ strain. The original Super Lemon Haze is a plant known for its super sativa high and its deliciously citric taste. Adding ruderalis genetics enables this high-quality strain to be available as a fast flowering auto. As 50% sativa, 30% indica, and 20% ruderalis, this strain has a complex sativa effect just as its photo-period version does; it hits fast but with a light body-stone and an obvious, cerebral, uplifting high. Perfect for daytime use and socialising.

#7 Seedsman Zkittlez Auto

Autoflowering Sativas

Zkittlez Auto is one of the very sweetest and fruitiest tasting auto strains available anywhere. Its scent is fruity with lemon and blueberry tones alongside petrol notes, and the taste is like candied berries. Its high-THC effect is well-balanced, making it good for social situations and relaxing in front of the TV either alone or with company. It is also great for pain relief.

Zkittlez Auto remains a fairly short plant, rarely exceeding 100 cm in height. She is a vigorous plant that gobbles up nutrients and requires a decent amount of water. If growing indoors close to neighbours, we would advise good and effective carbon air filtration to neutralise powerful odours. This strain’s life cycle is approximately 75 days from seed to harvest, and growers can expect large yields of buds with a high THC content.

#6 Fast Buds Bruce Banner Auto

This is a highly productive autoflowering version of the popular Bruce Banner strain. Bruce Banner Auto is a sativa dominant hybrid that gives generous yields and an abundance of resin, making it ideal for extract making and concentrates. Grow cycle takes 10-11 weeks, and you can expect between 450 and 600g/m2 at harvest if grown indoors. Outdoors each plant will produce 50-200 grams. This is taller than your average auto reaching between 110-150cm in height, developing multiple flowering sites that boast bright green buds with a terpene blend of sweet, berries, and diesel. THC content reaches 25% with less than 1% CBD. The effect is powerfully uplifting, easing away stresses and worries yet being extremely functional and motivating.

#5 Seedsman Jack Herer Auto

Autoflowering Sativas

Jack Herer Auto has a sweet, peppery taste and a potent high – with THC production at 16% and minimal CBD (0.5%). It is has gained quite a reputation due to its resistance to a range of plant diseases and pests, its good yields, and its powerful, stimulating, and long-lasting effects. It is an ideal strain for those looking for something easy to cultivate, quick to harvest, good tasting, with an uplifting high.

Grown indoors, it will reach a height of between 90 – 100 cm yielding between 400 – 500 g/m2 in a life cycle of 60 – 70 days from germination. Best yields and potency are obtained when plants receive 18/20 hours of light per 24 hours. Outdoor plants are pretty much the same size and yield up to 200 g each.

#4 Fast Buds Blue Dream Auto

Blue Dream Auto is the auto-flowering version of the Californian cannabis strain Blue Dream. It is 75% sativa in genetic composition and develops seriously generous yields of long buds with an enticing aroma, great taste, and uplifting high. It is a bushy, disease-resistant plant suitable for indoors and outdoors. Indoor yields can be as high as 300 g per plant after a life cycle of 9 – 11 weeks from seed to harvest. At harvest, the plant will be full of shimmering, resin-drenched nugs that bulge from all angles.

Blue Dream Auto is strongly aromatic, with a mouth-watering citrus influence, and flavours that are both tart and sweet with notes of pine and cedar. THC production is very high (more than 20%), so the effects are strong: initially cerebrally intense and uplifting, then evolving into a more relaxed physical state, making it perfect for an afternoon, early evening smoke.

#3 Seedsman Green Crack Auto

Green Crack Auto is a great strain for all growers, including novices and the connoisseur cannabis consumer. This sativa-dominant auto hybrid is fast, productive, flavoursome, and imparts an energising, upbeat effect that is great for all social situations. The taste is dominated by a mango flavour with floral and fruity notes, all emphasised on the exhale. With a high THC content (20%) and low CBD (0.7%), the overall effect is uplifting and euphoric and can enhance creativity if you are that way inclined.

Green Crack Auto is a hungry strain, especially during the flowering phase, so don’t stint with the nutrients if you want to obtain good yields. Indoors can yield between 500 – 650 g/m2, while outdoor grows can produce 70 – 300 grams each. The buds are an attractive light green colour and are flecked with bright orange pistils. Resin production is high, making this a fine strain for those making extracts.

Autoflowering Sativas

#2 Fast Buds Pineapple Express Auto

Pineapple Express Auto is a long-time favourite because of its unique fruity flavour, generous yield, and wonderfully happy and relaxed high it produces. The aroma is almost overpoweringly of pineapples and is very pungent so take care if you don’t want the neighbours to smell it! The breeders have declared Pineapple Express to be an excellent aphrodisiac. The feeling of weightlessness it can arouse together with a reduction in anxiety and uplifting mood can apparently make for great sex. Worth a try anyway! It is a fairly easy plant to grow, even for first-timers, with the only sensitive areas being enough light and the correct ph in hydro/coco coir.

#1 Seedsman Amnesia Auto

Autoflowering Sativas

Amnesia Auto is one of the most potent auto-flowering strains today. A cross of Amnesia Haze with ruderalis genetics creates a cerebrally psycho-active cannabis strain that will grow and mature in 12 weeks or less from germination  to harvest. Its structure is very similar to the full-size Amnesia, with the familiar Christmas tree pattern having multiple branches all covered in frosty buds.

Auto Amnesia has a distinctive aroma with an earthy pungency wedded to a Haze-y spiciness. Yields are good at up to 110 grams per plant. The effect leaves little to be desired when compared with its full-sized relative with a soaring, cerebral high set to take you on quite a journey. Hold on tight for a thrilling ride!

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