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Top 10 Autoflowering Cannabis Strains 2022

If you’ve left it late to get started this year, fear not – you’ve still got time to grab some autoflowering seeds and get busy planting. If you’re a newcomer to growing cannabis and have decided to take the plunge, autoflowering strains make it easy to begin growing your own plants. Autoflowering cannabis strains are fast, resilient, and flower regardless of the number of hours of light they receive. Without further ado, Seedsman presents ten of the best autoflowering cannabis strains for 2022.

Seedsman’s Best Autoflowering Cannabis Strains

Green Crack Auto

Green Crack Auto should be on your list if you’re looking for a fast-growing, high-yielding cannabis strain. This mostly-sativa hybrid is the result of crossing the superb Green Crack with a Ruderalis strain to add autoflowering properties.

Green Crack Auto offers several benefits. It can be grown indoors or outdoors and is easy to manage, making it an excellent choice for novice cultivators. Better yet, the rewards come harvest time are generous. If you’re abundant with the nutrients during the flowering phase, Green Crack Auto will thank you with yields of as much as 650 g/m2 in just 10 weeks from seedling.

THC content is as high as 20%, with CBD scoring below 1%. This is a highly resinous plant and a perfect choice for makers of concentrates and extracts. Lovers of fruity flavours will enjoy the mango taste accompanied by floral notes. You can look forward to the amazingly creative and euphoric effects of Green Crack Auto. The stimulating, uplifting effect makes it an ideal choice for any time of day.

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Strawberry Cheesecake Auto

Thanks to its high resin production and mouthwatering flavour, Strawberry Cheesecake Auto remains one of the most in-demand strains. We crossed Strawberry Banana Auto with a Cheese Auto to produce this high-yielding strain.

Fans of big, dense buds will be delighted by the output from Strawberry Cheesecake Auto. Keep those humidity levels low in the growing environment to ensure plants are safe from fungal attacks. Indoor growers should put dehumidifiers and extractors to good use, and the plant will respond in kind by yielding up to 500g/m2 of juicy, resinous buds in around 12 weeks.

strawberry cheesecake auto

The range of tastes from Strawberry Cheesecake Auto is remarkable. It’s heavy on the Skunk but interspersed with incredibly sweet lemon notes that delight the palate on the inhale. The effect begins as a physically relaxing sensation, but a mentally-stimulating buzz follows that, making this mostly-indica favourite an ideal daytime strain to let you go about your day without any serious impairment.

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Alaskan Diesel Auto

Who doesn’t love a fast-finishing plant? Alaskan Diesel Auto completes in just 9 weeks, making it one of the quickest on our list. This strain may be faster across the line, but it still bears generous yields. Indoor growers can ready themselves for 450g/m2 – impressive for such a fast-flowering plant.

The mostly-indica nature of Alaskan Diesel Auto means it’s a slimmer plant and therefore lends itself well to a Sea of Green setup for indoor growing. Outdoor growers in some regions will be able to obtain two harvests per year of this speedy strain.

The creation of Alaskan Diesel Auto saw us cross Candy Fruit Auto with a specially-selected Diesel Auto. This hybrid is apparent in the flavour of Alaskan Diesel Auto. Those initial heavy Diesel notes are lightly dusted with just enough fruitiness to give a pleasant taste that keeps you coming back for more. The resinous buds provide a potent, relaxing effect that will take the edge off the day and help you unwind.

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Zkittlez Auto

The ubiquitous Zkittlez Auto has a habit of appearing on most of our lists, and with good reason. This sensational strain yields high tastes incredible and offers therapeutic benefits. It’s a superb all-rounder that ticks all the big boxes.

Zkittlez Auto is a short, sativa-dominant plant that rarely exceeds 100cm in height no matter where you grow it. It’s a plant with great vigour and can handle a high level of nutrients. Indoor yields are around 400-500g/m2, and outdoor cultivation can see yields as high as a remarkable 800g/plant! In just 75 days from seed to maturity, Zkittlez Auto will produce a superb harvest of 25% THC buds.

This strain’s stellar reputation is due, in part, to its exceptional taste profile. Easily one of the sweetest, juiciest, fruitiest-tasting cannabis strains today, Zkittlez Auto boasts lemon and blueberry scents and tastes like sweet candy and berries. If you haven’t tried this one yet, you’re missing out! The high-THC effect is the icing on the cake and is a balanced, well-rounded one. Suitable for chilled relaxation but equally useful for fuelling conversation in social settings.

The incredible Zkittlez Auto is said to benefit those suffering from depression, insomnia, lack of appetite and chronic pain.

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OG Kush Auto

For growers with limited space, we recommend OG Kush Auto as an ideal autoflowering strain for your needs. This stunning-looking little plant seldom exceeds 100cm in height, making it a wise choice for smaller growing spaces.

OG Kush Auto produces around 400g/m2, and those yields are visually breathtaking. Its purple-tinged, sugar-frosted appearance adds a ‘wow factor’ to any grow space. The excellent genetics of this plant means it’s a reasonably low-maintenance grow.

THC content is between 15-20%, but the Kush lineage of this strain means a euphoric sensation ideal for ultimate body relaxation. OG Kush Auto is a chillout strain par excellence. Sumptuous citrus flavours married to a mild peppery taste will surprise and delight connoisseurs.

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Blue Dream Auto

Another top strains list, another top honour for Blue Dream Auto. This should be on your list when you think of elite autoflowering cannabis strains. FastBuds crossed the original Blue Dream with a Ruderalis to make an autoflowering version of this cream of Californian cannabis strains.

Blue Dream Auto has so much to brag about that it’s hard to know where to begin. High resistance to plant diseases makes it a delight to cultivate in any environment, and it’s a water-thirsty strain. It doesn’t need a lot of feeding. FastBuds recommend giving about a quarter of the recommended dose of plant food. This ensures you get the best yield with the least risk. The yields themselves are more than sufficient from such a short plant. Growing to an average height of around 110cm, harvests will see you reap a superb 300g/plant after just 9-11 weeks from germination.

THC content is in the plus-20% range, but with a CBD content between 1 and 5%, it’s no surprise Blue Dream Auto has garnered a reputation as a strain with abundant therapeutic potential. From arthritis, asthma, epilepsy and glaucoma to cancer, and more, the list of ailments eased by this strain are astonishing.

Blue Dream Auto provides a powerful, cerebral effect that users describe as supremely uplifting yet powerfully relaxing at the same time. It’s another fruit-flavoured smoke, but with stunning cedar and pine notes adding additional hallmarks to its elite qualities.

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Gorilla Cookies Auto

Californian innovators FastBuds have created some tremendous autoflowering cannabis strains, and you need only look at Gorilla Cookies Auto for proof. High yields and high THC content are just two reasons to add this strain to your shopping list.

Gorilla Cookies Auto is an easy strain to grow, but FastBuds recommend some low-stress training to maximise light penetration and boost yield potential. High nutrient consumption from around week 3 is a trait of this hungry strain, so ensure plants are well fed. After just 10 weeks, Gorilla Cookies Auto can produce up to 500-600g/m2 – huge yields for an autoflowering strain that tops out at a mere 90-100cm! In addition, make sure your odour control game is on point because this is a powerfully aromatic strain.

A well-balanced fusion of indica and sativa is paired with an immense 27% THC content. It translates to a euphoric cerebral effect that leaves you feeling giggly before introducing a powerful and relaxing body effect. The taste combination of Gorilla Cookies Auto combines sweet cookies and fruity flavours, ideal for fans of edibles who like to get creative in the kitchen.

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CBDV:CBD 1:1 Auto

If you’re interested in the potential therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant without the psychoactive effects, we highly recommend CBDV: CBD 1:1 Auto. This novel strain is exclusive to Seedsman and features elevated levels of Cannabidivarin, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with promising medicinal uses.

CBDV: CBD 1:1 is suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation and produces high yields after 10 weeks of growing. THC levels are below 1%, while CBD levels are elevated to 5% in this short life-cycle strain. The effect is a wonderfully calming and therapeutic one. It will soothe and relax but allows you to remain completely lucid and in full control. This unique and fascinating cannabis strain couples the uplifting aroma of fresh flowers with pleasant herbal tastes of pine and cooling balsam.

CBDV: CBD 1:1 Auto is a perfect choice to calm and comfort without feeling the heaviness of a THC hit.

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Wedding Cheesecake Auto

FastBuds continues to hit home runs with their autoflowering strains, and Wedding Cheesecake Auto is another winner. The quality genetics of this indica/sativa hybrid ensures a hassle-free grow and bountiful harvests of lush, quality buds.

If you’re an outdoor cultivator with a shorter summer season, Wedding Cheesecake Auto is a great choice for you. Finishing in just 8-9 weeks, this fantastic strain offers excellent resistance in the face of cooler weather and will still yield high. These are productive plants, whether grown indoors or out. You can easily see returns up to 600g/m2 from an indoor setting.

Like so many FastBuds strains, Wedding Cheesecake Auto carries a fascinating terpene profile. Delicious cookie dough and sweet vanilla flavours make this strain a firm favourite for making baked edibles like brownies, muffins. THC content of over 22%, married to a finely-balanced indica/sativa split, means Wedding Cheesecake Auto delivers a powerful and relaxing body effect with an uplifting headrush.

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Northern Lights Auto

We couldn’t make a list of top autoflowering strains without including something for fans of the old-school classics. With that, we proudly recommend Northern Lights Auto. Legend says the original Northern Lights strain came about back in the 1970s, and there it’s still a favourite today.

Seedsman’s Northern Lights Auto crossed the infamous original with a Ruderalis to add autoflowering properties. This means a faster-growing, more robust plant with added resistance to pathogens, pests, and fungus. It’s an excellent strain for indoor or outdoor cultivation and is easy to grow for beginners and veterans alike. Responding well to moderate fertiliser levels, Northern Lights Auto finishes quickly. In just 9 weeks, she produces generous yields of 500 g/m2 indoors or around 200g/plant outdoors.

Both aroma and taste are reminiscent of plum and jam, with earthy notes and a fantastic distinctive sweet n sour edge. With a 23% THC content, this mostly-indica classic has a powerful relaxing kick for the body and the head.

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