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The Tastiest Strains on Seedsman

It’s all a question of taste – everyone likes their smoke a little different. Whether you’re a fruit fiend, cheese-lover, or a disciple of Diesel, Seedsman boasts an impressive array of the tastiest strains to please any palate.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’re going to recommend some of the most delicious varieties in our range. Be sure to have a napkin handy for when your mouth inevitably starts watering!

For Diesel Devotees

Sour Diesel

The famous and high-yielding Sour Diesel is a winner on all fronts. With a name that clues you in on precisely what your taste buds can expect. Best suited to an indoor growing environment, it’s ready in around 9 weeks. This sativa-dominant beauty delivers a knockout blow via its powerful Diesel punch, combined with amazing-tasting citrus and pink grapefruit profiles backed up by a rich, earthy undertone.

If that’s not tempting enough, Sour Diesel is a highly potent strain that offers a creative, euphoric effect due to its high THC content. It is thought to help combat stress and lack of appetite. An abundance of tang awaits!

Tastiest Strains

Fuel D.OG

Packing an incredible combination of aromas and flavours, Fuel D.OG from Seedsman is a high-THC strain with a significant concentration of terpenes and high quality of resin, making it a winner for makers of extracts. Expect lip-smacking juicy fruits to the fore. This intense sativa-dominant strain takes a heavy Diesel emphasis and adds citrus, grapefruit, lemon, and Kush notes for a succulent blend of tangy tastes.

Fuel D.OG is a tall, high-yielding plant that can produce 450-600 gr/m2 indoors. And, as much as 700-800 gr/m2 when grown outdoors. With large, sticky buds ready to roll in a flowering time of 65-70 days. Its THC content of 20%+ gives a long-lasting, heavy sedative effect, making it an ideal evening strain.

For Fruity Fans

Zkittlez Auto

As this is without doubt one of the sweetest strains available, leaving out Zkittlez from the list would leave a bad taste in the mouth!

A sativa-dominant strain bred from a pure fruit lineage (Grape x Grape Apple and a male Fruit Auto). We’ve created one of the most sensational-tasting strains around. Zkittlez boasts an enviable profile which can best be described as sweet berries, candy, and grape,. Fittingly accompanied by a happy, uplifting, talkative effect. This succulent strain has a powerful aroma which demands good carbon air filtration in the grow room. Its short but powerful plants will be ready in just 75 days. These Zkittlez will bowl you over!

Tastiest Strains

Strawberry Banana Grape

With its highly-pleasing fruitiness, Strawberry Banana Grape is another immensely popular strain which ticks the taste boxes and delivers the goods. The delightful and fruity taste comes from the hybrid of Strawberry, Grape, and Banana OG, creating a dazzling aromatic plant with the best properties of its parents.

This short but high-yielding beauty can kick out a massive 600 – 800 gr/plant when grown outdoors in good soil where its ample, thick buds call for extra support to the branches during cultivation. Look forward to a mouth-watering combination of red fruits and banana, which can be intensified with a vape, before settling in to enjoy the cerebral, euphoric and soothing effect.

For the Cheese Enthusiast

Big Buddha Cheese

This multiple-award-winning indica delivers dairy in droves! The product of two years of selective back-crossing, Big Buddha Cheese is one the most pungent-tasting, highest-yielding Cheese strains to be found anywhere, with a classic aroma reminiscent of old-school Cheese plants and an unmistakable taste which will knock your socks off. Big Buddha Cheese’s long-lasting, clear, and uplifting effect tied to the classic mature aroma and taste guarantees you’ll never become ‘board’ of this cheese (sorry). This strain can be grown indoors, but yields are exceptionally generous in an outdoor environment.

Franco’s Lemon Cheese

Named after the great Franco Loja, Franco’s Lemon Cheese is the genetic blend of two of the late Green House Seed master breeder’s most beloved strains – Exodus Cheese and Super Lemon Cheese. One of the tastiest strains, it has a beautiful lemony perfume that gives way to a strong cheese taste on the exhale before its powerful stimulating effect kicks in.

When cultivated carefully, Franco’s Lemon Cheese can produce bumper yields of 750 gr/m2 indoors or up to an eye-popping 1000 gr/plant when grown outdoors! These medium/tall plants suit SCROG and LST cultivation methods, responding well to a robust feeding regime.  This is a genuinely delectable strain that is sure to satisfy your appetite for a flavourful smoke.

Tastiest Strains

Sensational Citrus Strains

Lemonchello Haze

With its robust and tangy lemon taste, Lemonchello Haze is as eye-watering as it is mouth-watering. A citrus-charged delight with a zest-laden bouquet, this strain evokes flavours reminiscent of the famous Italian liqueur which inspired its name.

Another high-yielding plant that can be grown indoors or outdoors, Lemonchello Haze grows to an impressive stature of around 300cm. However, it relatively easy to cultivate, flowering in 65 days. Crossing Super Lemon Haze with an Amnesia is the secret to lashings of lemon, with an unmistakable haze aroma and a THC content between 15-20%. Offering a powerful, uplifting euphoric effect. Lemonchello Haze from Seedsman is an essential experience for lovers of all things citrus.

Orange Sherbert

The mere name of this strain conjures images of its intensely citrusy, sharp, sweet taste. Crossing Orange Cream, Purple Urkle, and Cherry Pie provided Orange Sherbert with a fabulous flavour that blows the mind. She delivers a supremely relaxing body effect to put you in a chilled-out state of sheer bliss. This indulgent indica has a sweet citrus candy taste lurking in its dense, sticky buds. A rich reward from a high-yielding plant that grows easily, flowering in 60-70 days.

These robust, resilient plants sprout between 100-130cm. They’re adorned with bright orange pistils, giving a vivid visual clue to the sensational sweet taste hidden within. Orange Sherbert is as potent as it is piquant, a real winner for fans of strong citrus strains.

Whichever flavour you prefer, there are countless tasty strains available at Stock up on an old favourite today, or try something new.

Comment below and tell us what would make your tastiest strains list!

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