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The History of the Maui Wowie Strain

With more mentions and accolades in movies than any other strain in history, from the Cheech and Chong series, to Half Baked, to the secret ingredient in Pineapple Express, Maui Wowie has become a true favorite among the Hollywood elite and the rest of the world!

Maui Wowie has travelled far from her humble homeland in lower Nāhiku just off the Hana highway to please Pakalōlō lovers palates worldwide.

It was the 1960’s, the era of peace love and happiness and was also a time of war and conflict. In an unprecedented move, people around the globe began uniting in a collective desire for peace, love and happiness. Many counterculture activists fled to the Hawaiian islands to escape persecution.

The real story of how the name Maui Wowie came about is a glorious story of peace and love, a meeting of two worlds, tale of two tribes to say, when the counterculture hippies made peace with Kānaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) culture.

In the 60’s there was still lots of animosity between the Hawaiian people and the hippies. The Hawaiian Kingdom had recently been overthrown, and many Hawaiians were distrustful of the new wave of haole hippies that began migrating in those days.

Then came summer solstice and the hippies threw a huge psychedelic party down in Lower Nāhiku. There were clouds of smoke everywhere, you could smell Pakalōlō all the way up Hana highway! People were playing music and dancing it was awesome! A few truck loads of Hawaiians showed up looking menacing, it seemed as if the party was about to get broken up before it even started.

The Hawaiians had been out planting their own Pakalōlō, as summer solstice is the day with the most sunlight of the year. Apparently the Hawaiians smelled the Pakalōlō and heard the music and came over to check it out. Instead of busting out bats to beat up hippies they busted out their own Pakalōlō and started rolling bat sized doobies, passing them around to everyone.

The hippies had some really good Pakalōlō like Panama Red, Acapulco Gold and this killer Vietnam grass and crazy Thai stick weed from the returning Vets that made you start sweating and tripping out, but then the Hawaiian Pakalōlō started going around and we reached a whole new level. The hippies were astounded by true Hawaiian Pakalōlō, everyone wanted to know the strain name, as strain names were becoming increasingly popular in those days.

The Hawaiians called it Nāhiku Maui and it was like nothing the hippies had tried before.

All anyone could say was “wow” when they tasted the local bud, soon all you could hear was echoes of: “wowie, maui wowie, maui”. It was incredible!

By the end of the party the Hawaiians and the Hippies saw eye to eye in a way we never had before.

After the Solstice celebration, Hawaiians would drive by hippies in their trucks throwing shaka (a Hawaiian hand gesture where only the pinky and thumb are extended from the fist) yelling “Maui Wowie” Hippies would laugh and yell back “Maui Wowie”. It brought us together in a most amazing way through a truly strange and unique set of circumstances. Mahalo Ke Akua (Thank God) for Maui Wowie.

Maui Wowie may be one of the most popular strain names on Earth to this day, but what has become of this special Hawaiian landrace strain in 2016?

While seeds of the original strain made their way around the globe, many imposters have sprouted up seeking to cash in off the most universally recognised Pakalōlō strain name of all time. Worse yet is a disturbing new trend we see occurring spelling the name of the strain wrong.

Maui “Waui”?

The name Maui Wowie is a beautiful representation of two cultures meeting halfway respectfully, to create a wonderful and unique name that has most likely been spoken and a that has been blazed all around the world. The name Maui Wowie reflects the joining of the 2 cultures; Hawaiian and hippy counterculture.

There is no Hawaiian word: “Waui”.

Maui Wowie is by far the most popular Hawaiian Pakalōlō strain and may still even be the most popular Pakalōlō strain on Earth all the way back to the future here in 2016

If you are ever lucky enough to come across real authentic Maui Wowie straight outta’ lower Nāhiku Maui, you will see why here in Maui we say:

Maui Wowie Nō Ka ʻOi (Maui Wowie is the best)

Words by Pua Mana ‘Ohana

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