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The History of Seedsman

The history of Seedsman begins in the UK in September 2002, created by two passionate cannabis enthusiasts with a mission: to diversify and preserve the cannabis gene pool while making it increasingly accessible to seed collectors and legal growers.  

Seedsman teamed up with two world-renowned cannabis botanists behind the 70s seedbanks – Sacred Seeds and Cultivators Choice.  

The experts behind these companies brought US West Coast genetics to The Netherlands to improve them more openly.  They were responsible for changing cannabis tastes and cultivation trends by developing seminal strains like Skunk #1 and Original Haze.  

Original Seedsman seeds packaging, with more lifestyle based imagery

Like Seedsman’s establishment, these strains were sold to GW Pharmaceuticals, where they started as initial genetics in their medical research programmes. 

From Africa to Autoflowers

While Seedsman’s initial focus had been on the initial Dutch-American genetics, a chance encounter with South African preservationists saw Seedsman proudly introduce three famous African landrace strains to their collection.  Malawi Gold, Swazi Redbeard, and Durban Poison.  This is where their commitment to landrace genetics started.   

But things really began to change a few years later when a news article in a small British-based cannabis magazine, CCNewz, caught their eye.   

seedsman history

The article was about a breeder called the Joint Doctor who’d bred a strain that he named Lowryder.  This was a strain like no other commercially available at the time.  It grew from seed to flower in 60 days irrespective of light hours.  Though small and lacking serious potency, the Seedsman team immediately saw its potential, and in collaboration with The Joint Doctor and an Italian distributor, set up commercialising the strain.   

Seedsman created extensive written and photographic content on this “autoflower” strain, which they distributed to cannabis media on and offline. 

A Seismic Shift in Cannabis Cultivation

Uptake was slow at first, and there was a lot of kickback from growers concerned about pollution of the THC gene pool on cannabis forums; however, curiosity soon got the better of most growers.  

The Joint Doctor added a few other varieties to his line-up, including Lowryder #2 and Diesel Ryder.  It wasn’t long before autoflowering cannabis was widely recognized as the most crucial change in cannabis genetics since seminal strains like Skunk #1 were created.   

Howard Marks (Mr.Nice), Shantibaba and The Joint Doctor

 Initially, other breeders were hesitant to get involved and wondered if it was just a fad. But, slowly, almost all breeders came to understand the commercial value of autoflowering varieties.  

 As other breeders (Lowlife, Mephisto, Grass-o-Matic, Fastbuds, and more) started to improve the potency and yields offered by autoflowering strains – Seedsman began to take the best on and go on to dominate the autoflowering market. 

Continuing to Innovate 

Buoyed by the success of Lowryder and autoflowering genetics, Seedsman began adding an increasing number of other seedbanks to their offering – Barney’s Farm, Greenhouse Seeds, Dutch Passion, Serious Seeds, Mr. Nice Seedbank, to name just a few. All were available to retail and wholesale customers alike. 

During this onboarding period, it became increasingly apparent that the breeders had a blinkered focus on THC varieties and didn’t look much further.  Seedsman could see potential in exploring other cannabinoids; as usual, they looked for strains that offered something different.   

This first came when the breeder Scott Blakely (Shantibaba of Mr. Nice Seeds) teamed up with Resin Seeds to launch CBD Crew – a seedbank dedicated to elevated levels of CBD.  They weren’t the first to market, but with Seedsman’s help and international reach, their signature strain Therapy became a hit and helped in its small way to facilitate the more significant CBD boom. 

Seedsman continues on its path for diversity and innovation and has recently included strains with elevated CBG, CBDV, and THCV levels. While not being the most commercial strains, they offer fascinating potential for research and medical patients.  Alongside these, Seedsman focuses on high-performance THC strains – some old classics like White Widow, Bubba Kush, and Jack Herer coupled with new hybrids concentrating on Californian favourites and Seedsman’s own Peyote lines.  

There’s now increasing attention being put on terpenes and flower coloration. 

Ensuring Quality and Consistency  

Over nearly 20 years, Seedsman has worked with over 150 different breeders offering several thousand different strains.  This collection has evolved according to supply, trends, legality and is increasingly plant health requirements.  Seedsman does its best to retain its focus on diversity and sustainability. 

seedsman history
The OG Seedsman logo

As new breeders and strains appear on the cannabis scene, the importance is to identify good from bad.  Seedsman has developed in-house processes to better establish what appeals to collectors and why.  In-depth interviews with breeders & partners, inspections of facilities, a network of test growers in legal jurisdictions, and close monitoring of customer reviews help build the best picture on strain performance – allowing Seedsman to sell with absolute confidence. 

Existing in Irony  

Seedsman has always supported common-sense drug policy and the liberalisation of laws around the cannabis plant in all its forms – as a drug (medicinal or adult-use), as a food source, or as a sustainable natural fibre used in any number of products. 

Policy and approach to cannabis laws have changed since Seedsman began and continues to look more progressive. It is still a tricky world to navigate with ever-changing laws that vary from country to country and from state to state in the US.    

It’s for this reason, Seedsman insists that any customer knows the laws under which they are bound, determining whether they can or can’t use the seeds to their full potential.  In many countries, cultivation remains illegal, but seed collection is still possible. 

Continual preservation of genetics by the like of Seedsman and their suppliers, competitors, and cohorts within the genetic industry has helped enable the supply of genetics to an internationally growing licensed medical and adult-use cannabis market. 

Off the back of Seedsman – the Seedsman team has created PharmaSeeds to offer licensed companies the most suitable cannabis genetics for their facilities.  As a unique cannabis genetics consultancy and supply service, underpinned by science-based, data-driven cultivar selection, PharmaSeeds empowers licensed producers to make confident choices in the genetic materials they sow, achieving desired results, cycle after cycle.   

PharmaSeeds also offer cultivation consultancy in particular, but not limited to yield optimisation. 

Merchandise & Environmental Policy 

Seedsman has always kept both eyes on reducing its carbon footprint as the seedbank was founded with a passion for nature and sustainability.  

Upcoming Seedsman clothing will be made from organic hemp and cotton. Look out for our new rolling organic hemp rolling papers coming soon.

Seedsman products and packaging are designed to be reused and repurposed. There isn’t a way to entirely remove a carbon footprint. However, there’s consideration across the Seedsman supply chain to limit wastage while continuing to improve quality. 

The Seedsman Community  

Seedsman started as a family business and carries on as one.  Created initially by two cousins, friends, family, and new employees have come on board over the years.   

This friendly, family ethos is demonstrated in Seedsman’s support to clients, suppliers, and even competitors. It’s a seedbank that thrives off the communities that support it. And in turn, Seedsman clients thrive off the communities it’s helped create.    

All are welcome. Seed collectors, growers, adult users, medical care growers, patients, resellers, headshops, botanists, academics, licensed producers. People from all walks of life who appreciate cannabis and want to learn and share. 

seedsman history
The Seedsman crew with Jorge Cervantes

In an Amazon world, where customers expect instant service and one-day delivery –Seedsman works tirelessly to continue to deliver an unmatched selection of genetics. There’s a massive, ongoing commitment to customer service and continual development of better methods to get genetics to collectors.  

Engaging with cannabis enthusiasts within the community establishes a vital dialogue to propel the Seedsman mission forward. Seedsman loves sharing knowledge, providing support, and receiving feedback by creating and maintaining essential connections and relationships.  

It’s a vibrant scene that thrives off the people within it.  

The Future of Seedsman 

The goals in 2021 are still the same goals that helped shape Seedsman. Supporting diversity, sharing knowledge, inspiring lifestyles, and delivering exceptional service. 

 From a tight and homogeneous counter-culture, there has been a new flowering of diversity. Opening up a wide range of beliefs, values, and practices. There is no longer a single cannabis culture with specific methods, rules, and rituals. Instead, cannabis has become a tool people use to shape their identity, community, and culture on their terms.  

 Seedsman’s evolution reflects this flowering of cannabis cultures and lifestyles. Exactly how will soon be revealed. 

  Stay tuned…  

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.

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