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The History of Greenhouse Seed Company

As is often the case in the cannabis world, the story of Green House Seeds is inextricably linked to the story of its creator. That creator is none other than the famous Arjan Roskam, the self-proclaimed ‘king of cannabis,’. Together with his late brother Franco Loja, is responsible for creating one of the most illustrious seed banks in cannabis history.

The History of Green House Seed Company

It began in Thailand in the 1980s, when Arjan, then a young man, discovered cannabis and its countless benefits. With his pockets full of seeds, Arjan left Asia and returned to Amsterdam, where he started growing.

In Amsterdam at that time, only fast-growing, short-flowering, high-yielding strains were being cultivated for the coffee shops. Arjan took the opposite approach and focused on exotic, slower flowering varieties with interesting characteristics, such as his legendary Haze.

During this time, Arjan travelled extensively in South East Asia, Nepal, and Thailand, searching for the most fascinating and unusual strains. He wanted to bring them back to the Netherlands to continue his breeding and development of new genetics. He was particularly confident in the potential of these varieties and was sure that they would attract interest from coffee shops in his native capital.

The Road to Success

Initially, most coffee shops turned their backs on his sativas, considered too expensive and slow to produce flowers. But Arjan’s unerring confidence in the quality of his production meant that he did not give up. Since the coffee shops wouldn’t sell his genetics, he set up his own coffee shop, The Green House, in 1992. It was an immediate success, and the quality of the varieties he produced were widely recognised. In 1993 Arjan won first prize at the 6th Cannabis Cup. The following year, 1994, he won almost all the awards. And in 1995, High Times featured him on the front page.

Smokers from all over the world soon flocked to Arjan’s coffee shop to taste the wonders he had created. Such was his success that Arjan has since opened four more coffee shops. Today, Green House is one of the most prestigious seed banks in the world. With 40 High Times Cannabis Cups, 17 Highlife Cups, and many more, Arjan is now widely referred to as the ‘King of Cannabis.’

Additional Projects

But all this activity did not satisfy Arjan, so he embarked on several side projects. These include the Strain Hunters project – a series of documentaries dedicated to searching for exceptional landraces around the world and ‘pure’ varieties unaffected by man.

Arjan’s brother, Franco Loja, was the leading figure in the Strain Hunters project. He has been less in the media spotlight than Arjan but is just as responsible for the success of Green House, where he was the head of cultivation until his death. The Strain Hunters project brought new varieties to the market, some of which have already achieved cult status.

Green House is also a brand of nutrients, allowing the company to further establish its dominance in the cannabis world. And a cannabis social club in Barcelona.

Finally, Green House also has a vast network of contacts worldwide in entertainment, sports, and other industries. Rihanna, Tony Hawk, Richard Branson, Eminem, Mike Tyson, 50 Cent, Bon Jovi, Snoop Dogg, and many others have all passed through Amsterdam’s Green House coffee shops.

Green House is more than a seed bank. It’s an all-encompassing business that includes everything to do with cannabis and has done so for decades with unprecedented success.

Green House Seed Company Varieties

Green House offers about twenty varieties for sale, some of which are entirely unique. There is also a line of CBD-rich strains. The company prides itself on not offering any genetically modified or fungicide-treated cannabis strains. Among the best strains sold by Green House Seeds are Super Lemon Haze – for great taste and potency, and Deep Candy CBD for its sweet scent and therapeutic potential.

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