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The History of Cheese Strains

Originating from one single pack of female seeds cultivated in 1988, the origins of Cheese cannabis strains is perhaps the most modest of all.

It was the mid-1980’s and Sam the Skunkman, the man who many credit as the original breeder of Skunk #1 had moved from his native California to the Netherlands in the hope of being able to cultivate his plants in peace.

Sam’s Skunk proved immensely popular with the Dutch as it produced bountiful yields and had a relatively short flowering time. However, Sam’s strain was vilified for its extremely strong aroma, which many cultivators did not approve of; their grow threatened because of an attention-attracting smell.

To counteract these complaints, Sam decided to breed out the aroma, in favour of a sweeter smell. By the end of the decade, no Skunk #1 held the potent aroma…or so it was thought.

In 1988, a pack of Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 was opened by a cultivator in South East England. Once finished, many noticed that one of the plants had a totally unique aroma that was unlike anything these breeders had experienced before. This plant also had much larger buds than the other plants in the grow. This plant was very quickly cloned and distributed around the UK underground scene.

In 1995, a Cheese clone was given to Exodus, an alternative community living just outside of London, who were a major player in the growth of the rave scene in U.K, whilst also championing the legalisation of cannabis. Exodus handed out countless Cheese seeds to visitors and members, which took the strains reputation onto a much broader scale.

The Cheese strain proved so incredibly popular in the UK by the end of the century. Its name was mysterious and sought after, and became synonymous with incredible cannabis.

Almost thirty years after its re-discovery, Cheese strains are now one of the most popular varieties in the world. 29 breeders sell varying forms of Cheese strains on alone.

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