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The History of Barney’s Farm

The story of Barney’s Farm began in the Himalayas in the late 1980s, when the plant was not yet stigmatised, in countries where some of the most fascinating strains of marijuana originate. This period is widely considered the golden age of cannabis, in which the breeding industry was birthed together with the first coffee shops and seed banks.

The Birth of Barney’s

It was in this breathtaking and inspiring environment that a group of friends collected cannabis seeds and set about growing and crossing them in search of exceptional phenotypes, whether in terms of taste, aroma, or effect. This period of initiation into the discovery of the world’s best cannabis strains lasted three years. Three years during which the group travelled through Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and China, deepening their knowledge and expertise, experimenting, and importantly, collecting seeds with a variety of properties that would later allow the creation of rich and generous hybrids.

All the members of the group were equally talented and motivated. All had a role to play in the dynamics that kept this unusual venture going for three long years. But one of them was to make a more lasting and profound mark on history than the others. That man was Derry, the founder of the legendary Barney’s Farm seed bank.

After three years on the trails of the Himalayas, Derry returned to Amsterdam in 1992.

With a pocketful of seeds from the rooftop of the world and seeds from the landraces, he had collected there. In the capital of the Netherlands, which is also the capital of the cannabis world, he devoted his knowledge and experience to developing strains specifically for the trade. It was not so much a desire for profit that drove him as a desire to share his passion for cannabis. And so, Barney’s Farm, one of the largest cannabis seed banks in the world, was born.

An Instant Success

Derry’s personal journey and the story behind each of his strains had the potential to arouse the curiosity of a public who, in the 1990s, in a world without the internet and where travel was not as accessible as it is today, saw the consumption of this type of cannabis strain as a way of travelling and escaping to distant, mysterious and wonderful lands.

Eager to expand his business further, take on new projects, and have closer ties with the men and women of the cannabis community, Derry took over a coffee shop established a few years earlier. To have a coffee shop with its logo selling only his seeds is both a consequence and a cause of the success of Barney’s Farm. Indeed, the success of the varieties he produced enabled Derry to take over the coffee shop; and having a coffee shop could only contribute to the success of Barney’s Farm. The seed bank became even more popular, and within the cannabis community, the name was on everyone’s lips.

When the varieties produced are of such quality that they win countless awards and convert anyone who tries them, success is bound to follow, and demand is bound to grow.

Barney’s Farm Today

We all know what happened next. A steady and impressive growth, the production of new varieties with rich and subtle characteristics, some of which have become true legends, such as the famous Pineapple Chunk – winner of the Indica Cup in 2009. Or Critical Kush, which has been thriving since the day it was released.

The story of Barney’s Farm began on the peaks of the Himalayas and continues today on other peaks. Those of the cannabis industry that this seed bank has helped build and to which Derry has contributed his values.

Our Favourite Strains from Barney’s Farm

Watermelon Zkittlez Auto

Watermelon Zittlez Auto is the result of crossing Watermelon Zkittlez with Barney’s Super Auto #1 breeding plant. Scents of tropical fruit and candy lead into a palate of watermelon and ripe berries. THC content is at an incredible 26%, providing a euphoric, uplifting, relaxing, and long-lasting effect.

Skywalker OG Auto 

Skywalker OG Auto is a cross of the superb US Skywalker OG and Barney’s own Super Auto #1 breeding strain. Scents of tropical fruits, citrus, and diesel lead into a palate of sweet, earthy pine flavours. THC production is sky-high at 23%, and this delivers an effect that is both tranquilising and mind-expanding. With a heavy, very stoned sensation.

Wedding Cake 

Barney’s version of Wedding Cake reflects a more indica-dominant interpretation of this modern classic cannabis strain. To accomplish this, the breeders took the original Pink Cookies plant (a.k.a. Wedding Cake) from Seed Junky Genetics and developed it further. Wedding Cake exudes sweet ‘n’ sour, earthy scents with distinct vanilla and old-school Skunky undertones. Its 24% THC delivers creative, uplifting, and euphoric relaxation, which is sure to go down a treat.

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