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The Halloweed Special is now Live!

Back again in 2021, Seedsman’s Halloweed promotion is here.

This Halloween grab some spooktacular savings with a Mix and Match, 2 for the Price of 1. Get all of the Seedsman strains you love, plus a huge selection of our most popular brands including Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion, FastBuds, Royal Queen Seeds, Green House Seeds, Nirvana, and many more.

How it Works

You must add 2 packs of qualifying packs of seeds showing the ‘PUMPKIN’ icon and the cheapest pack will be discounted at the checkout so you will receive this for free

For example, if you buy a pack of 5 pack of GreenHouse Seeds you’ll get to choose another 5 pack in the promotion, and the cheapest back will be absolutely free.

Each of the seeds included will display the following pumpkin icon next to them:

Our Halloooweed promotion is open to all countries, including those that are uninsured by us. Please be aware however that if you are ordering from an uninsured country then you order at your own risk according to our standard T & Cs for your country.

A few Strains on Special Right Now:

Purple Ghost Candy

Purple Ghost Candy is an exciting cross between Ghost OG and one of the very best recent Purple cuts, viz. Candyland Purple. Purple Ghost Candy is 60% sativa with 40% indica genetics. These are large plants, easy to grow, and with high potential yields both indoors and outdoors. High resin production and a tantalising terpene profile make this a must-grow strain for extract makers.

Check out this week’s grow together diary, where Mandy shows you just what Purple Ghost Candy can truly do!

Click here to add Purple Ghost Candy seeds.

Kosher Cake Auto

Kosher Cake Auto is a robust and vigorous auto-flowering strain that is 60% indica. Its compact structure and short side-branches produce plenty of dense and highly resinous buds in a short life-cycle.

Buds are a light green colour with some yellow patches forming a back-drop for orange hairs. They become heavily-covered in sparkling resin looking as though they’ve been dipped in a bowl of icing sugar. The scent is similar to old-style Kush, pungent, deep and earthy during flowering. Its flavour, though, is like sweet cookie dough and cake with lemon and herbal notes.

THC production hits 25% with CBD less than 1%. The effect offers cerebral euphoria evolving into a very relaxing body stone. Continued consumption brings couch-lock and an attack of the munchies. All in all, the perfect recipe for getting as baked as a cake.

Add some Kosher Cake to your pantry now.

Strawberry Cheesecake Auto

Seedsman’s Strawberry Cheesecake Auto results from a cross of Strawberry Banana Auto and Cheese Auto. This indica-dominant wonder grows into medium-sized, robust plants producing very good harvests of dense and resinous buds with good levels of THC.

The flavour produced by the dried buds is quite heavy on the Skunk with some pronounced sweet, fruity/lemon notes. THC production is around 15% while CBD is rated at below 1%. Its effect is initially quite physically relaxing although providing mental stimulation at the same time. In fact Strawberry Cheesecake Auto is perfect for daytime smoking/vaping, whether you are relaxing at home or working, it will allow you to complete daily tasks with no impediment while giving a very nice feeling of relaxed contentment.

Indulge your sweet tooth here!

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