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The end of a journey

Over the last 3 months of travel I have received incredible kindness, support and friendship from everyone I have met along the way. From my mountain man high up in the Himalayas and the family at the Panjtara in Parvati, to my friends at my favourite spots on the island of Koh Phangan.

Its been a fantastic journey and one I’ll never forget, the blogging has given me a whole different perspective on traveling, and having the opportunity to share some of what I’ve been up to with everyone, especially during this pandemic lockdown has been brilliant.

 Everywhere has a stand out place and in Kampot that was without doubt the bar Top Cat. Tommy and Mark and their staff made my stay in Kampot an absolute pleasure and by the time I left I hadmade so many new, interesting friends through this one place that I had to give it a special mention.

 It’s a quirky looking place adorned with decorations collected over years of partying and travelling. Out at the back they have small airconditioned rooms you can watch movies in and play games while your edibles kick in! Upstairs they have the best fish and chip shop outside of the UK and the local characters who frequent this place probably deserve to have books written about them.

 There was a constant flow of good quality weed, both outdoor and indoor and the edibles here were top notch. Chocolates made from coconut infused butter and shatter gummy bears were the staple and they even had an amazing weed infused gin bottle which was remarkably strong!

Shatter gummy bears:

Weed growing by the back door!

Coconut cannabis chocolates, they were delicious, and I’ll be trying the method I was given to infuse the coconut oil with THC:

Ganja Gin, very very nice:

 Its places like this that you discover and the friends you make who change your life. This is what the travelling is really all about. Kampot is a great town but its places like Top Cat and the gang there who really take it to the next level with their friendship and their love for Cambodia and its people.

Just look how happy Tommy is to be helping behind the bar!

 Kampot and the surrounding area is a place I will be visiting again in the future, probably a lot! It was with great sadness that I eventually accepted that the corona virus situation had reached a point where I needed to get out of asia before it became impossible so with many weed gins and an extra large space cake consumed  I said more goodbyes and headed back to Phnom Phen in a taxi to get one of the last flights.  Vietnam and Laos would have to wait until next time, but that means there will be more adventures to come again in the future

The Vietnam border, so close but still so far, next time for sure…!!

The gang turned up to send me off in style with a lot of edibles and smoking!

Weed gin , a super strong space chocolate and a big spliff, perfect for a 24 hour journey through pandemic panicked airports…

All in all Cambodia and in particular Kampot are a must visit if you are interested in Cannabis and travelling. It’s a fun relaxed place with a slower pace of life than its neighbours in the region. In particular Cambodia is home to amazing genetics still and on my next visit I have made plans to head out deeper into the countryside with friends and will be visiting the smaller farmers in villages rarely accessed by westerners

The last thing I saw before pulling into the airport carpark…. It must be a sign:

Let’s wrap up

So the journey has come to an end; I little earlier than id hoped but then with a global pandemic on the horizon and international flights being cancelled at an alarming rate , sadly there was no other option. Id kind of liked to have stayed in Kampot to be honest but  I don’t think seedsman would have covered my weed tab if I had so the decision was made and home it was.

The original idea was to bring you along for the journey as I went on a little collecting and networking trip looking for new places to focus a more deliberate effort later on down the road. I hope that seeing some of the sights and hearing some of my stories have given some of you the urge to get out yourselves and go on that adventure.

It really isn’t that hard to do and most of the places worth visiting for cannabis are relatively cheap so budgets can stretch and journeys can be longer. You may need to get a few vaccinations for things like yellow fever or rabies out of an abundance of caution and I would 100% recommend getting any shots your doctor advises before travel. Always have emergency money you can access and someone at home who knows where you are and where you are heading so you have some safety net as you move.  Insurance is annoying but essential and some countries will not let you in without valid documents. I suspect after the pandemic has passed this will be even more strictly enforced.     

While for all of us now the world is a very different place from the day I got on the plane in the UK before Christmas, I firmly believe that given some time things will return to some form of normality and trips like this will again be possible for all of you.

I cant wait to bring you along on the next set of adventures…. I’ve already got a place lined up I’m hoping to be able to get to in a few months so stay tuned for more information on the seedsman site.

 Happy travels, Andy.

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Andrew Bill

Andrew Bill is a 41-year-old cannabis activist, writer and businessman from the UK. He moved to Amsterdam at the age of 19 and has worked in numerous Dutch coffeeshops, including Barneys Breakfast Bar where he was part of the team that won multiple cannabis cups.
Travelling extensively throughout his adult life, his passion for cannabis culture and history has recently driven him to search out landrace genetics from around the world.