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The Bestsellers: 5 Quick Questions About Auto Northern Lights with Female Seeds

We spoke to our friends at Female Seeds, who gave us the lowdown on one of their most popular strains, Auto Northern Lights. Here is what they had to say…

1. Explain the origins of Auto Northern Lights, how and why did you create this strain?

Our Auto NL has quite early origins since Northern Lights regular was the first strain I bred for Positronics in 1990. Then, the Female Seeds Northern Lights came in 2008 and in 2012, we bred the first Auto NL. It is an improving strain that our breeders keep working on generation after generation. At the time of creation, it was one of the first stable indicas, used massively for breeding new strains. It presents dominant genetics that served as a basis for lots of the strains out there today, comparable to how the Skunk was also used to breed many other new strains.

2. What are the unique features that you believe make Auto NL a bestseller?

It is a very stable strain to grow; all of the plants grow the same way, and it is a very reliable automatic flowering strain. You can’t go wrong, wherever you use it.

3. What reactions have you had from customers/media about Auto NL?

They just sell more and more, every year people buy more of it!

4. Are there any strains you can compare it to? What kind of grower/user would love Auto NL?

You can compare it to many indicas as it is related to Kush genetics. Anyone who likes a reliable harvest and a fast indica with a heavy couch-lock smoke would love this strain. It grows very well in cold climates (North Europe, Scandinavia, Mountainous areas) and is definitely the best indica for climates where Autos are the only possible option.

5. Can you tell Seedsman customers why they should buy Auto NL in just one sentence?

All of the above, and if they decide to try one of the most popular automatics in the indica range, they will probably come back to it!

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