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The Best Weed for a Balcony Grow

Whether you’re limited in terms of space or just want to make the most of it, the best weed for a balcony grow is a strain that loves the sun, requires little intervention, and is usually an autoflowering strain.

The low effort and minimal cost make this a fabulous option. So, if you have the right environment, your primary consideration should be “Which plants should I grow?”

Why Grow Weed on a Balcony?

Growing weed on a balcony is a great way to start out or expand your growing space. Among the benefits of using a balcony for home growing cannabis plants are the low overheads and low growth maintenance. After all, sunlight is free. Meaning, there is no need to buy and operate potentially expensive grow light set up or worry about timers, perfect for beginners.

As a result, your plants will receive all light, water, and airflow naturally, without any additional cost and little to no effort on your part. There’ll be no high electricity bill to worry about, either. Your main outlay? Seeds, plant pots, and maybe some additional nutrients are everything you need. The beauty of growing cannabis outdoors!

This growing environment makes plants much easier to look after – the small plants and area mean problems are easier to deal with.

Weed for a Balcony Grow

Things to Consider for a Balcony Grow

First, make sure your balcony lends itself to growing plants. Before you begin, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my balcony suitable for cannabis growing?
  • Does it get enough direct sunlight?
  • What degree of privacy does it afford? Is it easily seen by neighbours, or do nearby buildings look directly onto it?
  • Does it offer protection from pests like aphids?
  • Is there protection from strong winds?
  • Are neighbours close enough to smell the inevitable?

The height of your balcony and degree of privacy will affect the choices you make, but generally, you should opt for shorter marijuana plants that are at the lower end of the odour scale – if possible.

If privacy is a concern, make sure you can position your plants out of the line of sight from other vistas and read up on training techniques such as topping, fimming, and low-stress training to help you manage the height of your plants. Try growing some companion plants as well.

As for controlling odours, carbon filters and ozone generators won’t help with the smell outdoors, but you could consider adding some other fragrant plants to your gardens, such as honeysuckle, basil, marigolds, and freesias, to help mask the smell if needs be.

Selecting the Right Pot and Growing Medium

We’ve already written this article about pot selection and another on growing mediums, so we won’t get too much into it here.

Growing cannabis on a balcony means you’ll need to invest in a proper pot and saucer to keep your floors dry and your downstairs neighbours happy. When we cultivate cannabis, keeping our grow spot clean helps deter pests and keeps your plants happy. A saucer lets you get rid of old water and excess soil, so ensure you’ve got one before you begin any cannabis growing. Your pot size needs to be a happy medium between big enough for the roots but not so big it takes up your entire balcony.

As for the growing medium, weed on a balcony doesn’t have the same access weed in the ground has. Meaning they don’t have access to the nutrients and space their downstairs companions do. Or cannabis in an indoor grow using hydroponics.

Therefore, you need a high-quality growing medium that has excellent drainage. Air circulation needs to be considered as well. Try mixing organic soil with coco coir, along with natural fertilizers. Add a few stones for extra drainage too.

Choosing your Cannabis Strain

In terms of weed for a balcony grow, autoflowering plants are the best option. Autoflowering cannabis automatically flower independent of the photoperiod and manage the duration of their vegetative phase on their own. These plants require less maintenance and are typically very resilient, recovering from over or underwatering, pests, mould, and temperature fluctuations well, making them an ideal choice for the novice grower and well-suited to a balcony-type grow.

Even better, autoflowering plants typically reach heights between 50cm and 100cm, and this relatively diminutive stature brings with it the type of stealth and low space requirement you’d want on a balcony.

Seedsman was the first seed bank in the world to offer autoflower cannabis seeds, and there’s a rich diversity of options at your disposal to make your balcony grow a success. Here are some of our recommendations for a balcony grow project:

Green Crack Auto

This small to medium-sized plant is a winner for balcony growers. Reaching a height between 60 and 90cm, Green Crack Auto packs a great THC content of around 20% and is ready in 63-70 days. Growers wishing for ultra-discretion can tie the main stem and side branches down as they develop, which helps to maintain an even lower profile while exposing all bud sites to the sunlight.

Green Crack Auto is great weed, easy to cultivate. With a generous application of nutrients, this plant will produce excellent outdoor yields – as much as 300 gr/plant – at the end of its 9-10 week grow cycle. When Green Crack Auto is ready, you can look forward to a floral, fruity mango taste sensation followed by an uplifting, euphoric cerebral effect.

OG Kush Auto

Coming in at around 100cm tall, OG Kush Auto is perfect for growing in smaller spaces. Despite its size, this excellent weed wields a wallop. It can boast yields in the region of 400 gr/plant with a THC content in the 15-20% region.

OG Kush Auto’s genetics are Seedsman Auto x Auto OG Kush, reaching the flowering stage in as little as 75 days. With all the resilience you’d expect in an autoflowering plant, OG Kush Auto is easy to grow and relatively compact. With the bonus of thick, dense buds, beautifully capped with violet pistils and glistening with trichomes. You’ll love the distinctive citrusy, peppery taste and relaxing body effect of this highly-rated Seedsman Auto.

Candy Cream Auto

An indica-dominant blend of Candy Cream and ruderalis, Candy Cream Auto from Seedsman, is a perfect choice for your balcony project. With plants that stay within a 40-90cm height range, Candy Cream Auto is unobtrusive, highly resistant to plant pests, and wonderfully robust due to those ruderalis genetics.

THC levels around 18% and a deliciously creamy, earthy taste are yours around 65 days after germination. Then you can enjoy a powerful body and head sensation as your reward for a job well done. Candy Cream Auto is an excellent option for balcony growers. She produces beautiful sweet aromas and solid yields of thick buds.

Jack Herer Auto

This classic strain is available as an autoflowering option. And, it is a popular choice due to its robust nature and small stature. Jack Herer Auto takes all the classic features of its legendary parent and combines ruderalis genetics to add impressive durability and excellent plant disease resistance to its long list of stellar attributes.

Jack Herer Auto will stretch to an ideal height of 90-100cm. An inconspicuous plant that is well-suited to any balcony grow. Even better, when grown outdoors, it will yield up to 200 gr/plant in 60-70 days from germination! A sativa-dominant sensation, Jack Herer Auto’s sweet peppery taste and stimulating psychoactive effect perfectly round off the list of reasons to consider this strain for your project.

Weed for a Balcony Grow

Pineapple Express Auto

The best-selling strain from G13 Labs, Pineapple Express Auto, ticks every box you’d want in weed for a balcony grow. It offers a high yield of 200 gm/plant when grown outdoors, reaching only 100cm in height. She is fiercely robust and vigorous in nature – but there’s more!

Pineapple Express Auto’s excellent yields are ready in 65-70 days. And those dense, resinous flowers offer a beautiful aroma of lemon, wood, and spices with a fruity pineapple taste that is hard to beat. Known as a strain that is easy to grow and performs superbly in small spaces, Pineapple Express Auto is a highly-rated variety and a sure-fire winner on all fronts.

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.

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