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The Best Sativa And Indica Strains For Edibles

Let’s talk about cannabis strains for edibles.

There’s an art to making cannabis edibles and an altogether separate art to consuming them. Miscalculating how long to wait between slices of space cake has been the downfall of many a novice, yet the hard-won wisdom that comes with experience can unlock a whole world of benefits.

Knowing which cultivar to add to your cannabutter, brownies or gummies, is the first step towards nailing edibles. When smoked, Sativa strains typically produce energising effects, while Indicas tend to be more relaxing. And while there is some debate as to whether this holds true for edibles, most people agree that the characteristics associated with these two subspecies continue to shine through even when consumed orally.

The Best Sativa Strains For Edibles

Super Lemon Haze

As its name suggests, Super Lemon Haze brings some strong citrus tones to your palate, making it a great addition to cakes and other confectionaries. Typically containing around 70 per cent Sativa genetics, this cultivar inherits many of its traits from the legendary Haze lineage.

strains for edibles

Probably not the best shout if you’re looking for something to put you to sleep or still the mind, Super Lemon Haze is great for creativity and motivation. Expect lots of lightbulbs to go off inside your head and plenty of drive to put these new ideas into action.

Sour Diesel

Packing a pungent punch, Sour Diesel tastes exactly as advertised and can add some fascinatingly intricate layers of flavour to your edibles. Its high THC content makes it something of a spicy meatball, and the predominance of Sativa traits results in a euphoric high.

Containing roughly 30 per cent Indica genetics, the cultivar won’t let you get too sucked into your head and balances out its stimulating effects with a relaxing undercurrent. A great choice for anyone looking to take the edge off their anxiety or depression, Sour Diesel is known for its lovely blend of cerebral and bodily effects.

Blue Dream

Another 70 percent Sativa strain, Blue Dream, fuses the luxurious flavour of Blueberry genetics with the euphoric high of Haze. Aside from its high THC content, it also contains a hefty dose of the terpene alpha-pinene, which is anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic.

strains for edibles

Consumed in edibles, Blue Dream produces a cerebral high that never gets too intense (provided you give it time to kick in before reaching for another brownie!). Medically, this cultivar is recommended for pain relief and for treating both depression and anxiety.

The Best Indica Strains For Edibles

OG Kush

One of the most iconic cannabis cultivars, OG Kush, is a firm favourite among lovers of edibles. With a pine-like flavour containing hints of citrus and diesel, this cultivar is a tasty addition to any recipe, although its sky-high THC content means you won’t want to add too much.

About 75 per cent Indica, OG Kush generates a soothing body high and is perfect for mellowing out. It’s also great for treating physical pain.

strains for edibles

Runtz Muffin

Runtz Muffin goes well in cakes and other sweet edibles thanks to its richly indulgent flavour profile, including pineapple, strawberry and lavender tones. Add it to a smoothie, sprinkle it over a fruit salad or bake it in a muffin – you won’t regret it.

It’s probably worth mentioning that Runtz Muffin is also an absolute monster when it comes to cannabinoids, weighing in at 29 per cent THC. Being a predominantly Indica strain, most of that cannabinoid content is dedicated to getting users good and baked, although the cultivar also contains just enough Sativa genetics to ensure that you don’t mong out entirely.

Afghan Kush

As close as you’re likely to get to a pure Indica, Afghan Kush is the go-to cultivar when you just need to melt away. Add it to sweet or savoury dishes and feel the relaxation wash over you as it works its way through your gut.

Unlike some of the previously mentioned strains, Afghan Kush doesn’t temper its sedative effects with any of that Sativa buzz, making it an excellent sleeping aid.

The Best Hybrid Strains For Edibles.

White Widow

Another classic, White Widow, has a slightly peppery aroma and goes well in edibles of all types. The cultivar’s roughly equal blend of Sativa and Indica genetics results in a relaxed yet switched-on state of mind, generating feelings of euphoria and tranquillity but with no danger of falling asleep.

One of the most popular strains of all time, White Widow is great for parties and other social gatherings thanks to its ability to stimulate conversation. Bake a space cake and invite your friends round if you don’t believe us.


Trainwreck is one of those cultivars that really takes you on a journey, beginning with an energised and creative high that soon gives way to an intense spaced-out buzz. A hefty dose of THC ensures that this strain hits hard, with small quantities often sufficient to produce a prolonged effect.

Lemon and pine aromas make Trainwreck a great addition to cakes and other baked edibles, which can be consumed either for fun or to treat chronic pain.

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