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The Best Apps for Stoners & Growers

Trying to sift through your AppStore in search of the best cannabis apps in 2022 can be a nightmare. There are dozens, if not hundreds of them – but the majority seem to be buggy, in beta testing, outdated, or in some cases, pretty useless. We’ve taken the liberty of testing a fair few of them and have listed ten of the best apps for stoners below.


Cost: Free

Availability: iOS and Android

Weedmaps is a must-have for cannabis enthusiasts. If you’re looking for dispensaries, doctors or delivery services local to you, this app provides the info you need – if weed is legal in your area, of course.

You’ll be asked to share your location when you sign in to Weedmaps for the first time. Once you submit your details, you’ll be rewarded with a list of services in your area, and it’s up to choose whatever matches your needs.

The beauty of Weedmaps is in the sheer detail provided; you can find dispensaries in your locale that will deliver your order, and there’s even a section for deals. This includes special offers for first-time customers, buy one, get one free offers, and many others. It’s not limited to cannabis flower, either – there are edibles and equipment on Weedmaps, too. One of the best things about Weedmaps is that it allows you to search by brand. If you have a preferred strain from a preferred brand, you can easily find it.

Weedmaps is well thought-out, well laid out, and easy to use. If you live in an area where medical weed is legal, this is one you’ll want to download.


Cost: Free

Availability: iOS and Android

From the world-renowned and well-respected website of the same name, the Leafly app is an essential download for cannabis lovers.

apps for stoners

With many of the same features as Weedmaps, including nearby dispensaries and special offers, the Leafly app allows you to search for strains and find weed-related information. As a bonus, the app has videos answering common questions about strains and cultivation.

One convenient feature is the ‘Trending Strains’ section of the Leafly app. This allows you to keep up with the current big-hitting strains based on customer reviews. There’s even a News section to help you keep abreast of the latest cannabis-related stories.


Cost: Free

Availability: iOS and Android

WeedPro is a handy app well worth a download. It’s a guide to cannabis strains, and a pretty comprehensive one, at that.

Weedpro is a simple concept, but sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. When you log in, you’re greeted by Weedpro’s strain of the day. Click on the image, and it takes you to a new page where you can learn all about that bud. You’ll get the strain’s origin, THC content, difficulty rating on how easy or hard it is to grow, and more handy information.

WeedPro is a basic app in visual terms, but its ease of use makes up for any lack of fancy features. You can search for strains by category (Indica, Sativa) or by medical benefit via either a condition or symptoms list (Anxiety, Depression, Pain relief). The app includes a convenient notes option, too, so if you try any of the listed strains, you can review it and read back later to remind yourself what you liked!


Cost: Free

Availability: iOS and Android, PC, Mac. Also viewable online

It may be a surprise to learn that Reddit is a valuable tool for cannabis fans, but this thriving online community truly has something for everyone.

Organised into categories known as Sub-Reddits, everything is pretty easy to navigate. Simply type in what you’re looking for, and voila! You’ll find a Sub-Reddit dedicated to that particular aspect of cannabis. Whether you’re looking for growing tips, cannabis culture, medical info or whatever takes your fancy, you’ll find someone on Reddit who has answers.

There are thriving communities of people who spend hours on Reddit, sharing advice, knowledge, expertise…..and some fabulous memes. Here, you will find myths debunked, links to buy cannabis seeds and even breaking news on all things canna-centric. It can take a little bit more work to find what you’re looking for due to the sheer amount of content, but if you can think of a question, Reddit most likely has an answer.

Chef 420 Tasty Edibles Cookbook

Cost: Free
Availability: Android

A cookbook for beginners with recipes for making delicious, cannabis-infused food? That ‘install’ button has never been punched so quickly!

This is a great app for anyone who likes to get creative with weed in the kitchen. The recipes are limited but easy to follow. Best of all, if you don’t want to include cannabis, they’re all still pretty sumptuous treats. Get baked with baked goods, or ditch the cannabis and satisfy your munchies – it’s win/win. Bonus points to the app creator for including cannabis oil and cannabutter recipes.

This is strictly for those with a sweet tooth and includes cannabis-specific recipes for gummies and space cakes. Each recipe even comes with master tips to make life easier and ensure your cooking goes off without a hitch.

Currently, this one’s only available on Google Play, so it’s Android only. Still, its quality of content means it deserves a place on the list. If you can put up with a brief advert before you get to the recipe, it’s worth it.

High There

Cost: Free
Availability: iOS and Android

If you’re a weed enthusiast looking for love, the superbly-named High There is a dating app for stoners. Started by a cannabis fan after a bad date with someone who did not care for pot, High There has gone from a mere dating app to a somewhat all-encompassing social media powerhouse.

apps for stoners

You can still use High There to find love – using the classic Tinder method of swiping right to let someone know you’re interested and swipe left to pass. The app has sprouted some serious wings and now functions as a social network for cannabis businesses, to boot. High There allows you to get networking and make new contacts based on your interests in marijuana.

One of the cool features of this app is that you can consult a team of experts on anything from cultivation to medical use. And like all the best cannabis apps, High There makes it easy for you to locate dispensaries if you’re looking to pick up some legal weed in your area. The obligatory product reviews and special offers are here, too.


Cost: Free
Availability: iOS and Android

“Become a weed tycoon,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. They weren’t wrong. Hempire is a game where you start out growing weed and build your…Hempire….from there.

Cautiously dubbed “The Word’s Greatest Gardening Simulator,” Hempire allows you to test your cultivation skills and, from there, see where you end up. Climb the ranks and face the challenges of local government, law enforcement and other real-world challenges as you fight to expand your operation.

This is an excellent game with a realistic plot. There’s even a lab where you can breed new strains and extract THC from your plants to make concentrates. Like the real deal, you can upgrade your grow equipment, bake brownies, and enter your strains into contests. The game is free to download, but some upgrades can be purchased for real-world money if you get serious about it.


Cost: Free

Availability: iOS and Android, Mac, PC

Finally – an app for the serious cannabis cultivator. If you’re a commercial grower, this app is packed with quality features to help you gain the upper hand in managing your project.

Growbuddy could be described as revolutionary – a real-life alternative to Hempire. It’s a well-planned, well-executed app that works best on tablets, but is available in a cellphone version. Features include tools to help you optimise your yield and increase the efficiency of your operation. You get a comprehensive database that lets you log every aspect of your grow, including light schedule, nutrients, watering requirements and more.

Taking you from beginning to end (even allowing you to detail the curing process), Growbuddy covers every aspect of your grow in one convenient app. Even better, there’s an online community attached to help answer all your questions.

Grow With Jane

Cost: Free
Availability: iOS and Android

As in Mary Jane, one would assume. Suppose you’re a beginner at growing your own cannabis. In that case, you might find the sheer detail of Growbuddy to be a bit more than you need to manage a small operation. If so, Grow With Jane is likely more up your street.

apps for stoners

More suited to novices and smaller project, the app gives you all you need to get started and track your progress through the different growth stages. Straight off the bat, Jane asks you about your experience level and tailors advice to suit you.

There are the tips you’d need and expect, but grow logs and scheduling tools will help keep you right and remind you what’s required for your plants and at which stage. Privacy is a welcome component of this app, and users may be delighted to learn that you can work offline or use an anonymous account. Jane will walk you through your grow, step by step and stage by stage, helping you stay on top of every aspect.

What are your favourite apps for stoners and growers? Let us know in the comments section

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.

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