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The 5 Best Fuel Smelling Cannabis Strains

It takes a complex terpene profile to produce a cannabis cultivar with fuel aromas, which explains why gassy strains are held in such high regard. At the same time, diesel weed almost always goes hard on the THC, so if your bud smells like fuel, you know you’ve got yourself a cultivar to be proud of.

What Causes The Fuel Aroma In Cannabis?

A single terpene often produces fruity, earthy and pine aromas, but the strangely moreish gas-like smell of some marijuana strains arises from the intricate interplay between several volatile compounds. Limonene and myrcene often feature heavily in diesel cultivars. However, caryophyllene also adds depth to the fuel aroma of some cannabis strains, while other terpenes like pinene can play a role too.

The popularity of this high-octane aroma has skyrocketed since it first entered the strainiverse with the introduction of Chemdog (aka Chemdawg) in the 90s. Known for its heavy fuel scent, this legendary cultivar inspired growers to get more creative with their flavours and is the common ancestor of most diesel strains. However, the terpene profile behind Chemdog’s aroma has never been fully deciphered, so breeders have had their work cut out to recreate that gassy overtone.

Sour Diesel

One of the most popular cannabis strains to come out of California, Sour Diesel was created by crossing Original Diesel with a complex hybrid that featured Haze, Skunk and Hawaiian genetics. With such a prestigious bloodline, it’s unsurprising that this Sativa-dominant hybrid has become one of the world’s best-loved cultivars.

Featuring hefty doses of myrcene, limonene, beta-caryophyllene and pinene, Sour D gives off a pungent fuel stench. A generous helping of THC and moderate levels of CBD ensure that this uplifting cannabis strain produces a clear-headed, relaxing high and is a potent stress reliever.

Best suited to warm, dry climates, Sour Diesel yields large buds that are covered in glittering, cannabinoid-filled trichomes. Growers living in cooler or wetter climes will get better results in a grow room than outdoors.

Fuel D.OG

A cross between Chemdog and Fuel OG, this strain is greater than the sum of its parts and gives off a more robust diesel aroma than either of its parents. Roughly two-thirds Sativa and one-third Indica, Fuel D.OG boasts a THC content of well over 20 per cent and has a taste that is reminiscent of OG Kush. Weed connoisseurs will also detect citrus and skunky tones lurking beneath the surface of this intricate fuel-smelling cannabis strain.

fuel cannabis

Given its parentage, Fuel D.OG was always going to be a serious bit of gear, so think twice about cracking out the baggie if you’ve got any critical tasks on your agenda. On the other hand, if you’re winding down for the evening and want to melt away, this hybrid strain is ideal. Producing a long-lasting body high and intense relaxation, Fuel D.OG is a one-way ticket to couch-lock city.

In terms of cultivation, this fuel-tinged cannabis strain is perfect for beginners and experts alike and can easily reach heights of well over three meters outdoors. If vertical space is limited, then the screen of green (or SCRoG) technique can be used to spread those colas out and prevent your plants from bursting through the roof of your grow room.

Jedi Kush

Ensure your carbon filter is in good working order before growing this pong-producing weed strain. A cross between the notoriously potent Death Star and a San Fernando Valley OG Kush (SFV OGK) phenotype, Jedi Kush does not mess about.

A thick coat of trichomes makes this fuel-smelling cannabis cultivar perfect for making concentrates but proceed with caution when smoking blunts. Just a few puffs of this potent strain could send you to the Dark Side!

Bruce Banger

A Seedsman special, Bruce Banger inherits the fruity yet gassy aroma of its Strawberry Diesel parent and the THC content of its Original OG Kush ancestor. A predominantly sativa strain, this easy-to-grow cultivar provides an initial rush of intensity that soon gives way to an uplifting, energizing and creative high.

fuel cannabis

Our FAST version is generous and forgiving, producing flowers in nine weeks in any environment or growing medium.

Badazz Cookies OG

If you thought gelato or blue dream was the epitome of flavoursome weed, just wait until you get a lungful of Badazz Cookies OG. One of the best-tasting cultivars on the market, this Indica-dominant hybrid combines the chocolate mint taste of Girl Scout Cookies with the citrus, diesel and fuel tones of Kush cannabis strains. THC content maxes out around 20 per cent, while CBD concentration is less than one per cent, so there’s an awful lot of substance to go with all that style.

fuel cannabis

Covered in juicy trichomes bursting with terpene-filled resin, Badazz Cookies OG is another excellent strain for making concentrates. A relaxing, euphoric high awaits those who buckle into this pleasure ride, which can be enjoyed day or night.

Plants can reach three meters in height when grown outdoors, although the dense arrangements of flowers can cause humidity issues. A decent air circulation system may therefore be necessary to minimize the risk of mould.

Honourable Mentions – Other Top Fuel Smelling Cannabis Strains

There are so many superb cannabis strains with fuel aromas that it’s hard to refine the list to just five. Narrowly missing out on our honour roll is Kerosene Krash, which is pumped full of fuel thanks to its sublime terpene profile. A cross between GG#4 and Sherbet, this cannabinoid-rich combustible delivers a THC content that regularly exceeds 20 per cent and is just as intense on the mind as on the nostrils.

The White OG, meanwhile, is an offspring of the Cannabis Cup-winning Rolex OG and mixes diesel aromas with citrusy, pepper and earthy tones. THC levels hover around 24 percent, so users of this Indica-dominant strain can expect a deeply relaxing stone with a full body high. This cultivar is also renowned for its medical properties and is a popular choice among those suffering from chronic pain and other conditions.

Last but not least, Peyote Wi-Fi is an Indica-dominant hybrid that benefits from the legendary Afghani genetics of its parent, Bubba Kush. Dripping with resin, this popular cultivar is known for its physically relaxing effects and high THC levels. The taste is more sour than fuel, but the unmistakable diesel undertone adds a layer of intricacy to the experience and qualifies Peyote Wi-Fi for our list of fuel-smelling cannabis strains.

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.

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