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That High Couple Talk Medicinal Cannabis

Alice and Clark, otherwise known as That High Couple, are two excellent content creators who explore all things cannabis with their ever-growing (mind the pun) YouTube channel.

We sat down with them both to learn more about how they use cannabis for medicinal reasons. This forms part of our ongoing Med March promo,

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Anyway, enough business, let’s get down to business with That High Couple!

Hello Alice, hello Clark, thanks for agreeing to talk with us about medical cannabis! As you well know, there are dozens of different benefits for the plant, but one that gets over looked is it’s use as a medicine, would you agree?

Absolutely! Everyone is familiar with cannabis’s medicinal properties in extreme health cases like glaucoma or chemotherapy, but what gets overlooked are the smaller, daily applications that can not only boost your physical health but mental well-being too. Nothing beats a jay at the end of the day for stress relief! 

In the last few years, you’ve grown your own cannabis, what got you into a home grow as opposed to buying it at a dispensary?

We wanted to get a deeper understanding of this plant that we’re so passionate about and we finally found an at-home solution that worked for our tiny, 420 sqft studio in Hollywood – we affectionately dubbed the Dabbin Cabin. Growing cannabis takes a considerable amount of care and space, which we were able to find since every day there are new grow pods hitting the market.

Do either of you use cannabis to treat any specific ailments?

Anxiety and sleep-aid are at the top of the list. With everything that’s been going on in the world recently, living through a pandemic followed up by a potential war would bring anyone down. When we need to unwind and savour the happy moments in between the next global crisis, cannabis has always been our favourite treatment. 

How important do you think a more common-sense approach to medical marijuana is?

The approach towards cannabis use and legalization needs a lot more common-sense and history education because it’s very clear to the informed public that cannabis is not a danger, it’s not harmful, and that there are very few aspects of society that wouldn’t greatly benefit from wide-spread, legal access. 

You guys are both are card holders for medicinal marijuana. How easy or difficult is it to get one?

We recognize this will change from place to place, but in California, it couldn’t be easier. There are services where you can get a medical certification online by live chatting with a doctor. 

We at Seedsman exist in regions where there’s essentially 0 chance of us getting medicinal cannabis, could you just take a second to feel bad for us?

Our hearts go out to every cannabis consumer around the world that doesn’t have safe, legal access to cannabis. It’s 2022 people – get your politicians to finally go green! 

There’s still a stigma attached to consuming cannabis, even in the most liberal of states and countries. Do you think society will ever overcome such a stigma and allow people access to the medicine they need?

We have a long way to go, but we’ve also come a long way from the heights of the War on Drugs. Growing up at a time when cannabis was only seen as a gateway drug, it’s obvious that attitudes and minds are changing. You just have to play your part in showing that anyone can enjoy cannabis – professionals, artists, teachers and more all deserve a toke! 

Have you encountered anyone along your travels who relies soley on cannabis a medication?

Of course, not everyone enjoys the sensation of “being high” nor would we recommend it for everyone. It’s wonderful when someone discovers that cannabis can treat a pain point for relief, but also entirely understandable if that’s all the person wants to use it for. We have no hate for someone in the CBD-only game! 

Do you try and balance strains you consume with higher THC with strains high in CBD and CBDV as well?

Like Toucan Sam, we tend to follow our nose first when deciding on which strain to pick up next. It’s an added bonus when we find one with the perfect THC to CBD balance, but we’re flavour chasers and tend to mesh well with most highs. 

Are there any specific strains you use for medicinal purposes only?

No strains in particular, but we do consider different forms of consumption when looking for medicinal purposes only. For example, we love infused emu oil for muscle pain. 

What advice would you have for anyone looking to explore cannabis as a medicine?

Start low and take it slow. The worst thing someone new to cannabis can do is dive in without testing the waters. Everyone’s body chemistry is different so don’t assume that if one strain hardly affects a friend won’t put you on the couch for the rest of the night. And remember that variety is the spice of life; if one strain doesn’t work, keep going canna-explorer! 

Thanks so much for your time today, where can people find you online?

You can find us online at ‘That High Couple’ and we upload a new video every week to YouTube and new content almost daily to our Instagram. Let a comment that you found us through this interview! 

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