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White Widow

The History of White Widow Cannabis

Probably, the most well known cannabis strain in the world today, White Widow has gained global popularity thanks to countless awards since its release in 1994. Regularly used to make new hybrids, White Widow is...

Lowryder - Joint Doctor

The Origins of Lowryder Cannabis Strain

Created by a man only known as the Joint Doctor, the Lowryder strain may be small but is still extremely powerful. In this article, Seedsman looks deeper into the history of the Lowryder strain and how it came to be a...

G13 Cannabis Strain

The Origins of G13 Cannabis Strain

The mysticism of a plant like the G13 only adds to its reputation as a legendary strain. Here, Seedsman takes a closer look at this intriguing strain and how so many urban myths have sprouted from a strain that some...

Blueberry Cannabis Strain

Blueberry Cannabis Strain: A History

Seedsman looks into the history of one of the most beloved cannabis strains in the world today, the Blueberry. When DJ Short began experimenting with landrace sativas from the most exotic corners of the globe, little...