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Strain Profile: Night Queen by Dutch Passion

Night Queen is a knock-out Afghani from Dutch Passion which came to my attention after winning 1st Prize in the coveted indoor category at the Spannabis Champions Cup. Its an unusual variety because I remember Night Queen in the original 1980s Dutch Passion colour catalogue. Dutch Passion confirmed that this variety was one of their originals and was brought back after numerous customer requests for a strong and stoney golden oldie. In a world of new developments like autos, CBD-rich cultivars and hybrids its nice to see a seedbank retaining faith in a traditional prize-winning original elite Afghani cultivar.

Night Queen is a traditional photoperiod variety, an old-fashioned indica with a heavy-hitting stone that is on the same quality level as Mazar, Dutch Passions other Afghani classic.

The ‘Night Queen’ name comes from the sparkling and bud-heavy appearance of the mature female, real queens of the grow room. All self respecting home growers should try a genuine sticky classic Afghani at least once, and this one is well worth trying. The smoke is both sublime and extreme. Sublime because the resin can be heard sizzling on the buds as you smoke it down with quite a satisfying smoothness and a rich taste of pine together with distilled essence of coffeeshop. Extreme because, 5 minutes later, you sit there a little bit unsure of what to do next. Most of the time I enjoy sitting there, happy to experience a buzzing indica soothe my body and soul.

If there is a down side to this variety it is that you will need proper odour control in your grow room. Yes, genuine Afghan varieties come with a great reputation for sticky potent buds, but they also generate a deep odour that requires carbon filters and there is no way around that as any responsible home grower should know.

Night Queen buds are pretty dense with a pale green appearance after a bit of a cure. The buds are covered in trichomes and reddish orange hairs, I liked the appearance of them and I didn’t want to squeeze them too much in case I damaged the trichomes before smoking them. The buds had plenty of flavour which the grower claimed was because they had been grown in a cool grow room illuminated by LED; the cool temperatures allowing more of the flavonoids and terpenes to be retained. The stone hits hard and fast, if you are going to get up and move do it quickly otherwise you never will.

One other thing to be aware of with Night Queen is understanding the right amount to enjoy. Smoke too much and it really will make you feel tired, and if you make the mistake of closing your eyes you will wake up on the sofa at 3am regretting it. Actually Dutch Passion report one of the medical uses is to assist restful sleep, other uses include restoring appetite and delivering a restful sense of well being.

For me it was a refreshingly strong chance to enjoy an original 80’s Afghani once again. Its more of a night-time smoke than a day-time one, but don’t let that put you off. They don’t give 1st prizes in the Champions Cup for nothing, this is seriously strong stuff from the Dutch boys.

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