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Strain Profile: Blueberry Skunk

Blueberry Skunk is as beautiful in appearance as it is delightful to the nose, if you like skunk.

If you don’t like “stinky” or “dank” cannabis, then a skunk variety isn’t going to be your cup of tea. Blueberry Skunk is a “full bouquet” strain. The way to explain this strain’s smell to someone who is unfamiliar with cannabis, but is familiar with fine dining would be “think of baked brie oozing across a toast point with a smudge of blueberry jam across it”.

Just as my culinary pallet can describe the sharp cheese contrasting the sweet berry preserve, I can explain to someone who is new to cannabis that this strain will have very noticeable skunky smells, and very noticeable blueberry smells.

Aside from the amazing smells and flavor that this strain’s smoke gives off, this is also a beautiful flower. This is not your “light and fluffy” flower like Island Sweet Skunk or Lambs Bread. This is not your “tight and tiny, potent popcorn nug” like Pineapple Express or Strawberry Cough. This is your large, dense, crystalled, and resinous nug. These buds should be firm and heavy.

Visually the flower is beautiful. Creamy orange hairs wrap around the pinecone shaped buds. This is a nug that should “crack apart” as its broken down.

I would recommend buying this strain to anyone. It’s a balance high. You get the heavy upper eyelid effects of the Indica and the energic and uplifting euphoria of the sativa. I wouldn’t use this before bed, or at the crack of dawn. I would use this for my 5’o’clock strain. Blueberry Skunk is my go-to “Friday after work” variant. It smells as good as it tastes and it’s powerful. It looks beautiful and it’s a well-rounded high.

If you are someone who is new to cannabis, maybe try to work your way up to this, unless you are confident that you can handle a hybrid experience.

As far as growing goes, give these plants some room. The buds will want support and be prepared to give it to them if you want to see your big yield. These should do great outdoors, but might not do swell near a nosey neighbor. The blueberry aspect of this plant’s genealogy isn’t going to upset the Jones’s, it’s the skunk that will.

Keep that in mind when you grow this. If you can, and you feel a need to mask the smell, try to plant some fragrant herbs around it like sage, basil, or even lemongrass. Anything peppery or tart will usually mask the smell.

Blueberry Skunk is a connoisseur variant of cannabis. It was bread for taste, visual appearance, smell, and a powerful high. If you’re new to growing, skip this. Try a hearty plant like Sour Diesel or Afghani. This is a strain that will require some love and affection if you want to get big fragrant buds. Try to master your craft before you buy these seeds, because trust me, they are worth every penny.

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