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Strain Profile: AutoFrisian Dew by Dutch Passion

AutoFrisian Dew from Dutch Passion was created for the auto-growing community that wanted an auto version of the original Frisian Dew outdoor classic. AutoFrisian is becoming a must-have for outdoor auto growers, she is tough enough for an outdoor northern European summer and maintenance free.

My first experience of AutoFrisian Dew was a spliff outside a Dutch hotel. My friend Karl had harvested his plants at the start of August after growing them in a south facing greenhouse since late May. The first surprise was that an outdoor/greenhouse grower could harvest autos this early. The second surprise was the quality of the high, intense, deep and buzzy. The grower reckons this is something to do with the buds and trichomes maturing under mid summer sun and maximising potency. I wondered if he had a point, several auto growers had told also told me the same thing and I wasn’t going to dispute his theory when I was so severely stoned.

The buds were sticky with purple hues to the buds which is always pleasing to see in the grinder. The buds were medium sized and had a nice amount of resin in them, they were sticky to the touch and squashed together nicely reminding me of the original Frisian Dew. The aroma was an earthy fragrance with some citrus and hashy scents. I coughed a bit at first but that was probably due to the size of the hit, this is a smooth smoke with fast effects and I was very pleased with the strength of the stone. Its a mixed hybrid high, an indica buzz and enough cerebral activity to make you think twice before tackling anything complicated. Although the taste was completely different it was not unlike a decent Skunk in terms of strength, I liked it and I think most home growers would. If I had grown it in my own garden I would have been pretty pleased.

Planted outdoors in a northern European climate you might get 25-50g of dried bud in good conditions, in a greenhouse with good conditions you could think about doubling that, or more. Dutch Passion recommend starting the seedlings indoors if possible to protect them from the elements for the first week or two and then planting them outdoors with some slug pellets around them.

The plants reached about 1 metre tall in Karls greenhouse and he averaged around 80g from his AutoFrisian Dews, not bad for his first time growing this variety. His AutoFrisian Dew plants stayed smaller than the tomato plants and other greenhouse shrubs making them relatively easy to hide so long as the neighbours are not inspecting at close range. Yes, you could get a bigger harvest from a photoperiod Frisian Dew but you wouldn’t be smoking it in early August. Outdoor growers, garden growers or greenhouse growers should try this one as a fast and easy way to an early summer harvest.

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