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Seedsman Strains on Special This Summer

What better way to celebrate the warm weather than a special offer on some truly tremendous cannabis seeds? Sure, beer and barbecue are brilliant – but some sumptuous weed is the ultimate cherry on top!

The Seedsman summer promotion is underway, and three of the finest cannabis strains are available on a special buy one, get one free offer. If this were any cooler, it’d need shades.

Seedsman 2022 Summer Promotion: Details

WHEN: Right now!

WHAT: Buy one, get one free, same size and strain on selected Seedsman Strains (e.g. buy 4 Gelat.OG, get an additional 4 Gelat.OG free!)

HOW: Simply add any of the strains listed below to your cart, and we’ll add a second matching bag of seeds automatically – FREE!

Tips For Growing Cannabis In Summer

One of the most significant considerations when growing cannabis during summer is undoubtedly temperature. With that in mind, it’s essential to ensure that you’re well equipped to keep your plants suitably cool whether you grow indoors or out.

For Indoor Growers

Heat and humidity can cause problems for your plants. Take care to ensure you have adequate control measures, including monitoring devices. All that growing equipment generates heat, so make sure your room is well ventilated.

During the vegetative stage, keep the humidity lower than 70%. Between 40-70% is good. Aim for a room temperature in the mid-20s (°C) when your grow lights are on and between 18-22°C when the lights are off.

Once flowering begins, lower humidity is necessary to keep pathogen risks at bay and to ensure adequate plant growth. Aim for between 40-50% relative humidity here. Drop the room temperature with lights on/off by a couple of degrees compared to the vegetative stage.

Keep an eye on temperature and humidity, and make sure you have those fans wafting a cool breeze over and through your plants.

For Outdoor Growers

If you live in a warmer climate, you can germinate your seeds in pots or directly in the soil. A greenhouse or polytunnel make ideal housings due to the need for higher humidity at this stage. Otherwise, raise your seedlings indoors for a couple of weeks after germination, then carry them outside where they can veg in the better weather.

Pick the right spot to site your plants, where they’ll receive enough sunlight during the day.

During the vegetative stage, only water your substrate after the top 3cm or so of soil has become dry. Any more, and you’ll risk root rot.

Help keep pests at bay with predatory insects and companion plants.

Make sure to utilise topping and defoliation techniques to help ensure sufficient airflow through the plants in the hot weather. Failure to do so can lead to fungal problems.

If you’re growing photoperiod cannabis, you’ll be flowering towards the end of August. A bit of judicious pruning now and then will help your plants receive the extra light they need.

Seedsman’s 2022 Summer Promotion Strains

Northern Lights Auto

Now available for its lowest price ever! An autoflowering version of one of the most famous strains of all time? Too good to turn down! Northern Lights Auto is a hybrid of the original Northern Lights strain and a Ruderalis. The result is a robust and easy-to-grow cannabis strain packed with a whopping 23% THC.


Northern Lights Auto grows well indoors or out, making it a sure-fire winner no matter where you put your plants. Indoor growers will love the high yields of around 500 gm/m2, and outdoor growers will be impressed by this strain’s resilience to fungus, plant diseases and pests. Using slow-release fertilizer will see you bring the best out of NL auto.

It’s a high THC indica-dominant hybrid, so brace yourself for its sedative properties. It comes with a healthy amount of uplifting head euphoria – a superb effect for evenings. Northern Lights Auto is a taste sensation, too – a combination of earthy pines and sweet n sour notes with a plum jam quality to delight the taste buds.


Available for the lowest price ever (not 2 for 1), Northern Lights Auto on Special Offer here

Bruce Banger FAST

Bred from Original OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, Bruce Banger FAST is one of the most population strains today. Known for being easy to grow and jam-packed with quality flavours, this is a special strain on special offer!

This is a mostly-sativa strain, and the effects are noticeably upbeat. Bruce Banger FAST carries a creative and energetic kick, and with a THC content of 15-20%, it’s a great daytime strain if you want to stay busy and productive.

Bruce Banger FAST has a flowering time of 60-65 days, after which you can harvest those big, dense buds and enjoy that classic Diesel aroma and sensational taste. This fabulous photoperiod strain is great for beginners and grows well in any environment.

Buy One, Get One Free on Bruce Banger FAST today

Larry Lemon OG Auto

A high-yielding, high-THC autoflowering cannabis with a citrus flavour? Sign us up! Larry Lemon OG Auto is an indica-dominant hybrid of the elite Larry Lemon strain and OG Kush Auto. Make no mistake – this is top-quality cannabis.

Whether you grow indoors or out, this plant thrives nicely in either setting. You can look forward to yields of up to 450 gm/m2 from your grow room or as much as 600 gm/plant if you cultivate in the garden.

Larry Lemon OG Auto’s THC content of 19% means it’s perfectly potent, but it carries therapeutic benefits into the bargain. Its unique terpene profile is known to help combat depression, pain, and anxiety – so it’s a favourite strain of medical marijuana fans.

It’ll come as no surprise to learn that the predominant flavour of this one is a tangy symphony of citrus and lemon. Add the powerful relaxing effect and euphoric sensations, and you have the perfect strain for those long summer evenings.

Get 2 for 1 on Larry Lemon OG Auto now!

Gelat. OG

What goes better with hot summer days than ice cream? Gelat.OG is among the new elites of the cannabis strain game, and it’s easy to see why.

This striking-looking plant turns heads on every level with a mostly-indica blend of Gelato and an OG Kush selection. It’s a very high-THC cannabis, clocking up 25%, so handle this one responsibly!

Gelat.OG yields as much as 600 gm/m2 whether you grow indoors or out, so you’ll have your hands full come harvest time. A short flowering time of 55-60 days means it’s not too late to produce some superb cannabis in the 2022 season. If growing outdoors, make sure to plant in big pots as Gelat.OG can stretch to as much as 220cm.

The aroma and taste of Gelat.OG must be experienced to be fully appreciated – words don’t do it justice. It’s a phenomenal blend of sweet and citrusy notes, with an earthy, slightly floral bite on the outside. You’ll love the flavour, but the happy, uplifting and profoundly relaxing effect of Gelat.OG are second to none.

Pick up 2 for 1 on Gelat. OG in our special offer now!

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