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Seedsman Meets Humboldt Seeds

Last week, Seedsman’s Dr Gary sat down with Nat from Humbold Seeds to talk a little more about this legendary Californian seedbank.

The Humboldt Seeds Organization is a collective of growers and breeders based in the Emerald Triangle. They help share California cannabis genetics with the rest of the world. 

They focus on organic and environmentally sustainable cultivation. A community-based philosophy underpins the organization, meaning they attempt to buy locally, give back to the community, and engage in sustainable economic choices. 

This established network of breeders and experts is driven by a deep passion for the work and a unique regional culture of marijuana breeding that stretches back forty years. Their focus on sustainable and ethical practices adds something interesting to their roster of distinctive strains. 

We wanted to learn a little more about who they are, where they’ve come from, and what underpins their excellent cannabis genetics.

Check it out:

3 Humboldt Auto Strains to Grow this Season

We’ve picked these as our 3 favourite Humboldt strains. If you’re in the US, they’re all 3for2 right now (while stocks last)!

Trainwreck Auto

Trainwreck Auto is a 70% sativa auto-flowering strain with added ruderalis genetics. This is a low maintenance strain that makes it a good choice for beginner growers. Trainwreck Auto seeds develop into squat, bushy, mould-resistant plants.

Trainwreck Auto has a complete life cycle of 75 – 90 days allowing more than one crop per year in regions with longer growing seasons. When fully mature the lime green buds are dense and very sticky with resin that produces a sweet, sappy scent. Yields are very good indeed, especially for an auto-flowering strain.

When the buds have been dried and cured the scent remains sweet with an added terpentine note due to the presence of terpinolene, a known anti-microbial agent that possesses powerful tranquilising properties.

This is a potent strain with claimed medicinal qualities.

All aboard with Trainwreck Auto seeds here

Dream Queen Auto

Dream Queen Auto is the result of a cross of Mazar Star and Skunk #1 plus added ruderalis genetics and it is also known as Green Crack Auto. It is a sativa-dominant S2 strain which has enormous potential yields. Very fast-flowering strain.

This is a vigorous strain that even copes well with reduced light levels. It will more than double in size during the flowering period generating very impressive yields. This variety’s life cycle is completed in 80 – 100 days from seed to harvest. The buds are an intense green and covered in sparkling trichomes. The smell in the grow room is very sweet and Skunk-like so probably advisable to use carbon filters when growing this strain.

With its taste of Skunk, pine and orange this is a very tasty smoke. THC levels reach 23%.

Despite its name, the effect is of a cerebral, energetic high which is perfect to be enjoyed throughout the day allowing you to get on with the things you need to do.

All hail the dream queen and get your seeds here.

Lemongrass Auto

Lemongrass Auto is an indica-dominant (70%) F4 strain which develops into enormous plants which display great hybrid vigour along with very high resistance to both moulds and plant diseases. High levels of THC are matched by an intense terpene profile which screams “lemons”.

Bred by crossing Lemon Kush Bx3 with Humboldt Gelato, and with the addition of auto-flowering ruderalis genetics, this is a fast-growing plant which takes between 70 – 90 days from seed to harvest.

These vigorously-growing plants have very good resistance to plant diseases and various types of mould making outdoor cultivation an attractive proposition. Buds are easy to trim whether manually or using a bud-trimming machine.

Its scent is overwhelming of citrus/lemons and it is easy to understand how this strain got its name. Its flavour is like sour lemon drops with some diesel notes. The effect is one of extreme potency and has a wonderfully uplifting quality.

Add the citrus powerhouse to your basket today.

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.

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