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10 Strains on Special This Halloween

We love spooky season at Seedsman. There’s something about the smell of cinnamon and the dressing up that makes us feel all …. Giving…

Here’s how it works:

Because Seedsman is a multi-store site, different regions have 2 different specials. This is for a bunch of boring admin reasons. But no matter where you are in the world, you’re guaranteed a good deal on some of the world’s best cannabis seeds.

For US Customers

  • 5+5 and 10+10 across all Seedsman strains (any 5 or 10 pack you add, you’ll get another 5 or 10 Seedsman seeds)
  • 5+5 FastBuds (Buy 5 Get 5 Free) on some excellent FastBuds strains
  • 5+5 Garden of Green (Buy 5 Get 5 Free) on some incredible genetics
  • 5+5 and 5+2 on select Sweet Seeds strains (Buy any 5 pack of Sweet Seeds and get the same pack free. Each pack also comes with 2 free seeds!)
  • 5+5 Barneys Farm (Buy 5 Get 5 Free) on 4 incredible Barney’s Farm strains
  • 5+5 and 7+7 (Buy 5 Get 5 Free or Buy 7 Get 7 Free) across an excellent selection of Barney’s Farm strains

And 2 free Freakshow Seeds from Humboldt on every order over $75!

For UK/EU Customers

Get 30% off on all of the following breeders:

  • Seedsman
  • Garden of Green
  • Barney’s Farm
  • Dutch Passion
  • FastBuds
  • Sweet Seeds

And, also get 2 free Freakshow Seeds from Humboldt with every order over 45 Euros!

Simply enter the code HALLOWEEN during checkout

10 Cannabis Seeds on Special Right Now

With so much selection, it can be hard to know where to start. So, we’re making it easier for you with this list. Here are 5 x Autos and 5 x Fems from featured breeders this Halloween.

Freakshow (Fem) – Humboldt Seed Company

The 2019 debut release of the Freakshow seed, produced by Humboldt Seed Company, is a unique and novel creation, lovingly referred to as Cannabis Lusus Monstra. With a completely new morphology, Freakshow must be experienced to believe. 

Freakshow  humboldt

California breeder “Shapeshifter” spent years selecting oddities as a personal challenge. As he says, “After 40 years, normalcy starts to get a little monotonous”.

Get 2 Freakshow seeds absolutely free with every order over $75!

OG Kush (Auto) – Seedsman

OG Kush Auto is a perfect strain for those looking to cultivate in a smaller space, an indica-dominant plant whose maximum height reaches a little over a metre tall. However, despite its diminutive stature, OG Kush packs a punch, utilizing its Kush lineage to offer a heavy wave of euphoria that can alleviate the stresses of everyday life. 

OG Kush auto

Despite its short stature, this strain also offers an abundant harvest of thick buds. OG Kush has a veritable feast of aromas and flavours, ranging from the sour citrus of many Kush varieties to a distinct and unique peppery taste which will surprise and excite even the most knowledgeable cannabis connoisseur.

Add this classic to your basket.

CandyLand (Fem) – Garden of Green

CandyLand is an 80% sativa strain created by crossing Grandaddy Purps with Platinum Cookies. Bred by Ken Estes, the breeder of Grandaddy Purple, this strain has made a big impact on the Californian medical marijuana scene. 

CandyLand grows well in all environments, although performs better in warm climate regions such as California or the Mediterranean outdoors unless a greenhouse is available. 

CandyLand  garden of green

Plants turn a deep purple colour towards the end of fluorescence. The scent is sweet and juicy with a similar taste profile. THC can reach 29% with just 1% CBD. The effect is that of a warm, cosseted sensation with motivational energy that will allow the pursuit of various tasks. 

Taste the rainbow here.

Cherry Cola (Auto)- FastBuds

Cherry Cola Auto is a high-yielding indica (55%)/sativa (45%) hybrid strain with very high levels of THC. Outdoors, these plants thrive in moderate climates and produce powerful Cherry Cola terps. In just 63 – 70 days from seed, Cherry Cola Auto plants reach a height of 90 – 150 cm. These vigorous plants grow a strong central cola with some strong side-branch development. Indoor yields are between 500 – 600 gr/m2. Outdoors, yields are between 50 – 250 gr/plant. 

The buds are exceptionally tight and dense with a light green colour. The thick coat of resin at maturity refracts light to give a blue-ish hint to the buds. 

Cherry Cola (Auto)- FastBuds

This strain has mood-lifting, happy and relaxing qualities; Cherry Cola Auto relieves stress, and as it evolves to display its more physical side, it eases muscle pain, stress and anxiety while also helping with suppressed appetite while never becoming couchlock in nature.

Grab your Cherry Cola seeds.

Bubba Cheesecake (Fem) – Seedsman

A brand new addition to our family, Bubba Cheesecake is a cross of Pre-’98 Bubba Kush from the U.S.A. with Cheese Cake, the latter a mix of Wedding Cake and Exodus Cheese genetics. This is a 70% indica hybrid with great yield potential, high levels of THC and low CBD.

She grows well both indoors and outdoors. Indoors it is recommended to only allow for a short period of vegetative growth due to the high degree of stretch that plants undergo. These can quickly grow to a height of 250 – 350 cm. when left to grow naturally outdoors.

Bubba Cheesecake (Fem) - Seedsman

The Wedding Cake component adds plenty of sweetness to the flavour of liquorice, and the scent is earthy and mossy. THC production is very high, while CBD is low. The effect is intensely narcotic, strong and long-lasting.

Grow your own Bubba Cheesecake!

Red Hot Cookies (Fem) – Sweet Seeds

Red Hot Cookies is a fast-flowering, 60% sativa strain with good production. It is a cross of Tropicanna Cookies and a clone of Tangie and is thus a U.S. strain. The parent plants were selected for their red flowers. A trait passed on to about 60% of the offspring.

Red Hot Cookies flowers in 8 weeks indoors, producing between 500 – 600 gr/m2 while outdoors, each plant can yield 400 – 600 gr. with northern hemisphere harvests taking place at the end of September. Plants which turn red do so towards the end of flowering, and the red colouration begins in the lowers branches and gradually spreads further up the plant.

Red Hot Cookies

The scent and taste have a sweet, deep quality with notes of mango, berry and tangerine, the latter coming from the Tangie genetics. THC levels are between 17 – 25% with 0.1% CBD. The effect is very strong, and tasty!

Add this beautiful plant to your collection.

Watermelon Zkittles (Auto) – Barneys Farm

Watermelon Zittlez Auto is the result of crossing Watermelon Zkittlez with Barney’s Super Auto #1 breeding plant. She is 60% indica and remains quite a short plant, albeit with great yield potential in the hands of those with some experience and knowledge. A strain then for the connoisseur but one which a novice will also enjoy success as it is not at all fussy and practically grows itself.

Red Hot Cookies

Scents of tropical fruit and candy lead into a palate of watermelon and ripe berries. THC content has been measured at an incredible 26%, providing a euphoric, uplifting, relaxing and long-lasting effect.

Add delicious Watermelon to your basket here.

Skywalker Haze (Auto) – Dutch Passion

Skywalker Haze Auto is one of the strongest auto-flowering Haze strains worldwide. She was created by crossing Skywalker Haze with an auto-flowering Amsterdam Amnesia. It is a sativa variety with a big harvest potential.

Growers can expect some XXL crops of long, dense, resinous buds that can sometimes display a tendency to ‘foxtail’.

Skywalker Haze (Auto) - Dutch Passion

The terpene profile of Skywalker Haze Auto exudes a sweet lemon scent and flavour which is quite mouthwatering. THC levels are rated as very high, more than 20%, and this helps to produce a potent, uplifting sativa high.

Add Skywalker Haze to your collection, young Padawan.

Peyote Gorilla (Fem) – Seedsman

Peyote Gorilla is a cross of Gorilla Glue #4 (Chem Sister x Chocolate Diesel) and Peyote Purple, a bright, vibrant phenotype of Bubba Kush. The potent, medicinal effect of the Gorilla meets the stimulating and uplifting high of the Peyote Purple. 

With a flowering time of around 70 days, Peyote Gorilla has a typically indica structure, medium-sized with large, broad leaves. Yields are excellent; indoors , growers can expect to yield between 500 – 650 gr/m2, while outdoors, as much as 1500 gr/m2 can be produced.

Peyote Gorilla (Fem) - Seedsman

This strain’s scent is sour with lemon, petrol, earthy, and woody notes, and these properties are reflected in the taste. THC production is very high at between 22 – 26%, with CBD at just 1%. The effect is a very potent, uplifting one that gradually evolves into a physically relaxing state that will almost certainly ease any aches and pains.

Tame your own Gorilla today!

Red Strawberry Banana (Auto) – Sweet Seeds

Red Strawberry Banana Auto was created due to breeding an elite Strawberry banana clone with Red Poison Auto. It is almost 75% indica, a fact reflected in a shorter stature and very good yields of dense and extremely resinous buds, three-quarters of which will be coloured red. Very fast-finishing plants.

Red Strawberry Banana (Auto) - Sweet Seeds

Intense, sweet and fruity scents similar to jelly beans are supplemented by notes of dried walnut and the peppery salad herb rocket, a.k.a arugula. THC production is high, falling between 15 – 20%, while CBD concentrations reach 1%. Consumers will enjoy a physically relaxing effect but one which lends itself to mental stimulation.

Now’s your chance to own these incredible genetics!

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