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The Seedsman Bestsellers – Malawi by Ace Seeds

We spoke with Luis at Ace Seeds to discover just which strain is their bestseller, and why it is so popular.

What are ACE Seeds’ best selling strains?

Our best selling strain is without any doubt Malawi, followed by Golden Tiger, Panama and Zamaldelica. Some of our latest releases like Violeta, Kali China, Honduras and Ethiopian are also being accepted well by growers from all around the world.

We received our Malawi in the late 90s initially in clone form (aka Old Malawi Killer) coming from a collaborator, it was/is the strongest cannabis plant we have ever had the pleasure to experience and breed with.

Later we developed and stabilized Malawi in seed form, and after 3 generations of breeding and selections, we improved the indoor adaptability of this Malawi line, improving its terpene
profile, and lowering down its flowering time and size, while keeping the high yield and extreme potency and resin production coming from the original Old Malawi Killer clone.

Golden Tiger (Malawi/Thai) and Zamaldelica (Zamal x Malawi/Thai) were developed after that, as exceptional Malawi x sativa hybrids.

Other ACE Seeds popular strains like Panama have been in our catalogue for more than a decade. It’s a highly worked 100 % sativa hybrid between 3 Panamanian sativa strains. Panama shows
the best traits of the old Panama Red and Colombian Red sativas from the 70’s, but much more tamed and adapted to indoor growing and outdoor growing in non tropical latitudes.

Kali China was also one of our first strains, but has been improved a lot after more than 10 years of breeding, until reaching the top breeding refinement of our China Yunnan hybrids.

Violeta was bred recently and it’s very popular due it shows the best traits of the famous Pakistan Chitral Kush, but adding more potency, yield and vigor thanks to the Malawi influence in this hybrid.

We also have recently released two new landrace sativa strains: Honduras and Ethiopian, that are becoming quite popular since their release.

We are also about to release our first autoflowering strain (Auto Malawi x Northern Lights) in March 2017.

What is the most impressive thing about these strains? Why do you think that these strains are your best sellers?

Malawi is the most powerful landrace sativa on the market, producing consistently THC rates over 20 %. The effect is extraordinarily powerful, complex, psychedelic and long lasting, of more than 4 hours of duration. Especially recommended for the harder and more experienced sativa travellers.

Malawi also has an outstanding vigor, yield, and amazing resin production, both in size and concentration of resin glands.

Golden Tiger and Zamaldelica are pure sativa Malawi hybrids with the exceptionally strong, complex and long lasting Malawi’s effect, vigor, yield and resin production, but showing more complex terpene profiles and even more trippy effects than pure Malawi.

Panama is a sativa hybrid that has it all to please the most demanding sativa growers: high vigor, high yield, excellent resin production, moderate flowering time for a 100% sativa hybrid, very complex and refined terpene profile (mainly lemon, incense, vanilla, creamy, with sweet and berry touches) and a very intense, complex and long lasting sativa effect. Panama is probably the best american pure sativa hybrid bred in the last 15 years.

Kali China is a highly worked China Yunnan indica hybrid with a touch of old Kali Mist. Kali China stands out due it is a compact and fast flowering plant of indica behaviour, which flowers produce a unique and complex aroma (mango juice, sweet cream, incense, hash, grill meat and oriental spices), and a refined tropical sativa effect, surprising traits for a plant of only 45-55 days of flowering time, that is easy to cultivate indoors without height problems.

Violeta is highly appreciated by all kind of indica growers, due its high resin production, incredible purple/pink colors, forest fruits chewing gum aromas and excellent resistance against the most adverse environmental conditions like fungus, cold, heat, drought.

Our latest landrace sativa releases (Honduras and Ethiopian) are getting lots of attention among the pure sativa lovers due their great vigor and high yield, and of course due their old school sativa effect, highly appreciated by sativa lovers looking for the more active, sociable, kind and positive effects, always well focused.

Where can people find more information about these strains?

You can find very detailed descriptions, pictures, cannabinoid and terpene analysis of our
strains on our website.

There are also tons of info and feedback from all kind of growers from all around the world
about our strains in our room at ICMag forums, where we help growers to achieve the best results with our genetics.

You can get the whole range of ACE Seeds strains at Seedsman online store, along with our latest limited editions.

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