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The Seedsman Bestsellers – Big Bud XXL by Ministry of Cannabis

We sat down with the guys at the Ministry of Cannabis to discuss their most popular strain.

1. What is Ministry of Cannabis Best Selling Strain?

Our best selling strain is Big Bud XXL.

2. What is the Story of this Strain and why was it Created?

We created Big Bud XXL in 2007, as the flagship strain for our opening. The aim for our strain was to select the very best commercial Big Bud strain from the Netherlands and improve upon it, whether that be in terms of production, flavor, aroma and yield.

3. What is the Most Impressive Characteristic of Therapy?

We believe that the most impressive thing about our strain is the yield. As its name suggests, it can be huge! The buds also have a pleasant, warm, roasted nut aroma and a truly enjoyable cerebral effect. Another great characteristic of this strain is that it is great for beginners. It is very robust and tolerant, even to the most obvious and common mistakes during cultivation.

4. Why do you Think Big Bud XXL is your Bestseller?

Simply because it delivers a great smoke without being too difficult to cultivate.

5. Where Can People Find More Information about this Strain?

You can find more information about this strain on Here, you can also read testimonials from users of all our strains and more information about cannabis in general. Big Bud XXL is also available to buy at now.

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