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Seedsman 5 + 5 promo – what you need to know

As the summer is drawing to an end and you are planning your next grow, don’t miss out on our latest offer to get some free seeds from a selection of top breeders. We’re giving 5 free seeds when you buy a 5 pack on select strains from a wide variety of breeders. These include our own top quality strains and those created by Dutch Passion, Humboldt Seed Organization, Expert Seeds, Garden of Green, and Greenhouse Seed Co.

With the promotion running as long as supplies last, here’s some key information on the breeders and why you don’t want to miss this offer.

Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion began working with cannabis in the 1970s and established their seed business in 1987. Renowned for inventing feminised seeds in the 1990s, many of their varieties have won numerous prizes.  Strains such as Blueberry, Skunk #11, Power Plant and Mazar have become household names and their more recently developed feminised auto-flowering seeds have become widely known for their exceptional quality. Feminised seeds from the above mentioned strains are all on promo, alongside many more.

Humboldt Seed Organization

This is a collective of growers and breeders based in the infamous ‘Emerald Triangle’, but who run their operations out of Spain. Focused on organic and environmentally sustainable cultivation, they help share the best of Californian genetics with the rest of the world. Creators of Chemdawg, Blue Dream and Trainwreck, the Humboldt Seeds experience is the quintessential Californian smoke.

Expert Seeds

Expert Seeds are top quality breeders from different European countries who, collectively, have decades of breeding experience behind them. They specialise in the selective breeding of some of the world’s most famous strains including Cheese, Gorilla Glue and Skunk and are renowned for their high quality seeds. Best selling strains such as Glueberry, Gorilla Glue #4 and Chemdog Gorilla are on promo.

Garden of Green

These breeders are focused on providing the very best medical cannabis seeds, so only use organic farming methods. They have strains with high THC and CBD content and have developed several very popular CBD strains, including Critical Relief CBD. Popular strains on promo include Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, Wedding Cake and Green Crack.

Greenhouse Seed Co.

Greenhouse Seed Co. is one of the oldest seed banks in the world, established since 1985. They are winners of many international awards including 40 High Times Cannabis Cups and are the creators of some of the best known cannabis strains today. These include the White family – in particular, the infamous White Widow, White Rhino, Great White Shark, and cup winning sativas such as Super Silver Haze and Arjan’s Haze.


That’s us! We have established a reputation as one of the most trustworthy and reliable seed banks, with close to two decades of experience selling the highest quality cannabis seeds at reasonable prices. We have an extremely strong collection of feminised seeds that we launched in 2007 and are renowned for being the first seed bank to sell autoflowering seeds in 2011. We launched the now infamous Lowryder in collaboration with the Joint Doctor – the father of autoflowering cannabis – and went on to develop an extensive range of autoflowering seeds. We also became one of the first seed banks to launch a high CBD seed collection, and are now selling seeds with high CBG content in recognition of the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids other than THC. Well-known strains of ours include Peyote Zkittlez, Black Sugar and Strawberry Banana Grape, all of which are on promo alongside many more.

Enjoy your free seeds!

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.

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