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Thanks again to all of you who entered our Seeds of Knowledge contest last week.

The lucky winners were Jeremy, Matt, Elmer, David, Corey, Nathan, Billy, Joris, Anton, Lime, Ference, matteryo, Michael, Jonathan, James, Frank, Bradley, Darrell, Pedro, Norman, Manny, Jan, ponnampalam, chimutattooer, Tyler, Gregg, Jonathan, Jessie, Samuel, Anthony, Alex, Adam, Hunter, Jeff, robert, Dave, Adam, Jodie, William, Petra, Alea, chris, Miranda, Ezra, Rene, dennis, SALVADOR, Steven, Jessica, and Blake.

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Answers to Grow Questions

This week’s Seeds of Knowledge questions were focused on growing soil, seed storage and flushing. Read on to get some grow tips from our community.

What do you use to improve your soil quality?

There are many different ways to improve your soil quality and most people will use a blend of several things to create the perfect soil. Favourite soil additives mentioned were worm castings (21% of you), mycorrhizal fungi (17%) and molasses (13%). Bat Guano and compost tea were also popular. For more information about creating optimal soil, please see our articles, ‘Creating your own soil locally and organically’ and ‘Testing your soil at a new location or diagnosing problems mid-grow’.

Where do you store your seeds?

The majority of you use a dark cupboard (61% of you) to store your seeds. Only 20% used a fridge and a mere 4% use the freezer. This must mean you get your seeds in the ground pretty quickly because long term storage really requires a fridge, or for longer term, a freezer to do the job properly!

To flush or not to flush?

Flushing is popular as a means of ridding a plant of excess and unwanted minerals, thereby improving its smoothness and taste. There is considerable debate among the grow community as to whether its necessary, but it was definitely popular among people who responded to this weeks questions: 70% of you said you flushed your plants! To read more about flushing on our blog, please see here.

Please keep your answers coming and join our Seeds of Knowledge Contest to win your free cannabis seeds.

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