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Seeds of Knowledge Results: Week 2

Thanks again to all of you who entered our Seeds of Knowledge contest last week. Your responses have been really informative and give us a good idea of the different grow techniques used within our community.

The lucky winners were Brook, Susan, David, Michael, Uriah, Jose, TOSSES, Ronald, Alex, Josh, Robert, Sebastien, Thomas, Alberto, Macie, Randall, Snouty, Cali, Chris, Scott, Mark, Vincent, Kevin, Jesus, Christina, Matt, Christopher, Jeffrey, Jodie, David, Louis, Anthony, Charles, Aiden, FAB, David, Joris, James, Kai, Trent, Dpalmtrees3, Steven, Jason, Matt, Filip, Edgars, Ken, Francis, Darrell and JOE.

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Answers to Grow Questions

This weeks Seeds of Knowledge questions were focused on growing containers, preferred lighting and water.

Which are your preferred growing containers?

Fabric pots were the most popular containers for growing your cannabis in, with 59% of people saying they preferred them. This was followed by standard plastic pots, which were favoured by 25% of respondents.

Although plastic pots are cheap and lightweight that’s where the positives stop. Fabric pots have a distinct advantage in that their permeability means both water and oxygen can pass in and out of the pots. This prevents excess moisture from building up saying goodbye to root rot and overwatering. It also supports good oxygenation of the root system and leads to air-pruning which creates new healthy branching roots when the root hits the edge of the pot, as opposed to the root growing round the container in a constricted pattern.

Which lights do you prefer for indoor growing?

LED lights are the favourite cannabis lights by a long way, preferred by 74% of people. HID came in second, but with only 12% using these. LED lights have become increasingly popular in the last few years primarily because of their reliability and energy efficiency, making them more environmentally friendly and much cheaper to run in the long term.

Which water do you prefer to use for your cannabis plants?

The majority of people (42%) said they preferred to use tap water to water their cannabis plants. Rainwater was the next favourite with 20% of people using this, followed by Reverse Osmosis (RO) water, used by 16%.

Please keep your answers coming and join our Seeds of Knowledge Contest to win your free cannabis seeds.

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