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Remembering Cannabis Heroes: Spencer Boston

The Cannabis Community is full of heroes throughout history who in their own way, contributed to the thriving and vibrant scene we’re all a part of today. Some, like Jack Herer or Frenchy Cannoli, are lauded and remembered by many. While others, while perhaps not as memorable, still did their thing and left their mark. Today, we’re remembering Spencer Boston.

Why Spencer Boston is a Cannabis Hero

On 27 January 2020, Spencer Boston, 20 years old, found himself in front of a court judge in Wilson County, Tennessee, for marijuana possession. But far from being intimidated and trying to clear his name, he took advantage of the platform.

After making his plea, Spencer took a joint out of his pocket. He then sparked it in front of the astonished Judge Haywood Barry.

“He [the judge] didn’t want to hear nothing about it so I did what I planned on doing anyway and pulled it out and lit it up and addressed the people,” he said afterward.

His action was clearly premeditated to attract maximum attention. “I can easily go out here and protest to legalize weed,” Boston said. “But no one really cares because I’m just another person protesting”. Still, even he was surprised at the media attention he managed to generate.

After a few puffs in front of the judge and jury, security intervened to remove Spencer from the courtroom, followed by a small cloud of smoke. Before walking out the door, he turned to the crowd and chanted a landmark phrase: “We the people deserve better”. Spencer was eventually sentenced to ten days in jail for this action, in addition to the marijuana possession charge.

A GoFundMe page was created to support him, with donations reaching $7,400.

Rest in Peace Spencer Boston

Unfortunately, this story does not end well. Spencer died on January 21st, 2021 in a car accident. He was only 21 years old and not under the influence of cannabis or alcohol.

In deciding to advocate for the legalisation of cannabis, Spencer Boston took a huge risk and sacrificed his freedom. All of us in the cannabis industry, whether we work in this sector or we just smoke, whether we live in Tennessee or somewhere else around the globe, are grateful for his courage.

RIP Spencer Boston. We the people truly do deserve better.

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