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Purple Orange CBD: Beauty and flavour with the benefits of CBD

Dinafem have just launched Purple Orange CBD, which combines wonderful aromatic and aesthetic features with the benefits associated to CBD. We sat down with the Dinafem team as they talked us through the process of creating this great strain.

Which parentals did you use to create Purple Orange CBD?

Purple Orange CBD is born from a backcross of Californian Diesel lineage. We used a regular Diesel line that comes from Northern California, which we fell in love with due to its profound aroma of citrus and chocolate. This way, we managed to stabilise all the potential and virtues of these genetics: its wonderful flavour, its beauty that stands out thanks to the purple hues of the plant and, above all, its high levels of CBD.

How was the breeding process?

First we perform a huge classification process. When we finally choose the best plants in the group –those with the best features, we analyse their chemical composition in our laboratory. It should be outlined that in both this version and in the rest of our catalogue of CBD seeds there is a lot of hard work both breeding and in the laboratory. We were pleasantly surprised by the results of these analyses, as we found high levels of CBD in the chemotype of several sisters of this Californian variety. That was when we knew we had something special on our hands.

What qualities make Purple Orange CBD so special?

First, we would highlight its gorgeous appearance: Purple Orange CBD is a visual pleasure, which acquires changing hues of purple during its flowering period. Regarding its great aromas and taste, Purple Orange CBD is perfect for those who love fruity flavours, who will enjoy its deep notes of orange, chocolate and lemon.

Purple Orange CBD reaches a THC/CBD ratio of 1:2 and produces cannabinoid levels of 16% (THC+CBD), so it’s a plant particularly appropriate for those looking for a mild and pleasant effect. Thanks to its high levels of cannabidiol the effect of Purple Orange CBD is less psychoactive, as CBD modulates the tachycardia, red eyes, dry mouth, or anxiety, sometimes unpleasant, produced by THC. This strain is also highly advisable for therapeutic use, as it can alleviate anxiety problems, and lessen muscular pain and tension.

Why did you decide to launch an entire CBD catalogue?

CBD or cannabidiol is making a strong entrance in the market, transforming the way recreational cannabis is consumed. Thanks to varieties such as Purple Orange CBD, those who cannot tolerate the strong psychoactive effects of THC can now enjoy a cannabis strain adapted to their needs.

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