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Project Storm: Does Cannabis Kill Cancer?
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Project Storm: Does Cannabis Kill Cancer?

500 grams of cannabis oil. 6 terminal cancer patients. 12 months. 1 question. Does cannabis kill cancer?

The tagline of the recently released Project Storm, a film aimed at showing the positive effects of cannabis oil on cancer patients, begs a question that a majority of the population would deem unbelievable. However, the men behind the idea, Bud Buddies – led by Jeff Ditchfield – intend to shatter all misconceptions and answer a question that up until now, has remained unresolvable.

The idea for Project Storm was based on research conducted by Dr Manuel Guzman and his team at the University of Madrid. Now considered pioneers in the cannabis research field, Guzman has conducted tests on the effectiveness of cannabinoids on cancer. After witnessing the research first hand, Ditchfield decided to take the testing out of the laboratory and in to the real world…and Project Storm was born.

An emotional rollercoaster to say the least, Bud Buddies have managed to combine the specific scientific lexicon of cannabis and its derivatives with genuine, heart-warming, emotional human stories. While these themes appear oxymoronic, the science of the film puts even more gravitas and validity on the human stories. It is real; the truth is being shown to the audience and yet the terminally ill patients are forced to act like criminals to consider the lifeline of alternative medicine.

The true beauty in Project Storm lies in its intent. It may have been incredibly tempting to bombard the audience with spurious information and success stories with an aim to expose a definitive answer to the question in the title.

However, the film simply intends to show what can be done to assist people in need and (without revealing too much) even when it is not evidently successful, it still holds emotional power that captures the audience far more than a barrage of information forcing the viewer to agree with the premise.

For the cannabis activists of the world, this is another successful rung on the ladder of decriminalization. However, I do not believe any previous project could change the most steadfast opposition minds as successfully as Project Storm undoubtedly will.

And if you happen to be one of the steadfast opposition, I suggest you take a look at the film – it may just change your mind.




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