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Perspectives of a Cannabis Growing Preacher: Part Two

In Part One, I briefly scratched the surface of how the Federal Government, in collusion with a few of the wealthy and powerful, brought about the ‘Prohibition of Cannabis’ in the United States. This not only affected this country but the entire world. However, the illegitimate legal side of this argument is not the main reason that I was able to overcome almost 100 years of religious indoctrination, that still to this day, demonises cannabis. What really set me free was the science of cannabis.  

I concluded by touching on the endocannabinoid system and how virtually every living creature on this planet has one. This is where I see God’s hand in all this. When I saw that our body relies on a steady supply of key cannabinoids to keep our body healthy, I had to reconsider the demonising viewpoint that has been accepted by the moral majority. I was particularly impressed by CBD’s ability to not only restore a cancer cell’s ability to die, but to expedite that cell’s death, leaving healthy cells untouched.

This was solidified for me when a close friend, who was near death from stage 4 Leukaemia, recovered after a 90-day cannabis oil regimen. My friend not only looked like a cast member from the ‘Walking Dead’, but he smelled like death. Instead of trying to explain this, you will find tons of information on YouTube or other online sources to explain this phenomena in easy to understand terms. 

Sanjay Gupta

My journey into the science started with just such a video on YouTube that explained how our body creates its own supply of cannabinoids, but that the levels can be too small to keep us healthy, a situation that deteriorates as we get older. If it were just the one or two videos I would have been sceptical but there are dozens of videos. When CNN’s Sanjay Gupta, who ‘was’ a sceptic of medical cannabis, did a four-part series of documentaries titled ‘Weed 1-4’, I was overwhelmed with facts as the series progressed. The first of these documentaries highlighted a little seizure-ridden girl named Charlotte Figi. It confirmed what I had experienced with my first wife, how utilizing cannabis, and more specifically high CBD cannabis, could be an effective treatment for people that do not respond well to pharmaceuticals.

For those of you who are familiar with Charlotte’s story, you will be sad to learn that she lost her life to a seizure on April 7th this year, at the age of 13, after being released from the hospital. She had been hospitalized for breathing issues and seizures that were thought to be Covid-19 related but she was tested too late to detect the virus.

If you read my first story, you know that I have first-hand experience as to how ineffective pharmaceuticals can be. You only have to watch a loved one have a full-blown grand mal seizure once to understand. I have never felt so helpless in my life as I did when I watched my wife chew her tongue into hamburger, her bones get ripped out of their sockets and her face smashed in a fall. 

If you are not yet convinced as to divine hands in this plant, watch the mountain of documentaries available online and you will get the picture, eventually. 

So, let’s move on and get to why we are here, learning everything we can about God’s gift, landraces, and figuring out how to grow them. This is going to be an adventure and I expect some disasters along the way, but we will find our way through it. Some of these strains are simple and easy to cultivate but others will be brutal. Size will be an issue with some strains, but my initial run with these strains will be all about generating seeds for preservation and future plantings. I am like a lot of other preachers, poor, so seeds are an expense I want to minimize. If you understood how much I spend on my obsession, you would understand. I am on a friendly, first-name basis with several seed brokers.

When the crew at Seedsman realized my passion for landraces, Tom was quick to ask me to write about it so you might benefit from my experiences as I take this preservation project from the ground floor. I have over a hundred pure landraces to make my way through and it is likely to be closer to between 200 to 300 before we get through this. I had no idea there are so many and I learn about more all the time.

So, here is the plan: 

The Landrace Project Phase One: Fast and Furious (produce replacement seed stock)

● I will propagate breeder packs of each strain and get them started.

● Switch to Flower as soon as plants reach enough nodes to take a tissue culture for storage and use in Phase 2.

● Identify the phenotypes through appearance, growth, and chromatography testing of cannabinoid profiles.

● Remove males after sufficient open pollination has occurred to produce seed stock and allow seeds to finish at the same time. 

● Allow sufficient time for seeds to ripen.

● Harvest and testing.

● Isolate the phenotypes for later inbreeding and stabilization in Phase Two.

Because of plant count limitations, this will be a long process to get through all these strains. It is my hope that some of my fellow growers and caregivers will come on board with this project and we will get through more strains in less time. I will do my best to share this process, as we work through all the issues.

Many of these strains will have issues I may have not experienced before so your tips and comments will be most welcome. My collective of growers and caregivers are very experienced, but for many, landraces are unexplored territory. Most of them are considerably younger than I am so they only know hybrid cultivation, which has dominated cannabis culture since the early ‘80s.

It is my hope to journal every strain we grow and give you as many details as possible to help you if you want to cultivate these incredible plants yourself. Together we will explore the problems and solutions that these strains will present along with other topics that will be a part of this process. 

The first thing I have to do is select the grow space, then choose what lights, growing medium, and nutrients I will use. The space is my most immediate problem. I have several issues to overcome, rodents, size of the space, electrical, and temperature. With the first freeze just a few weeks away, I have to determine how to maintain an optimal temperature range. Since my options are limited right now, I have only one option that will fit the grow. I hope to make new arrangements in the very near future, possibly even before this grow gets too big to move.

So, here it is, the door to the space I have chosen, dirt and all. In the next article, we will step inside to look at the mess I have to clean up to turn this into a workable space. Hey, I did say from the ground floor.

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.

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Johnny THCeeds

Johnny THCeeds started growing cannabis in 1990 to help his wife who suffered from debilitating epilepsy. Circumstances lead Johnny into Christian ministry in 1995 and he now preaches in a small mountain community church. Because of his faith, he ceased growing until 2008 and 420, when he obtained a medical license to grow because of injuries. He has become an advocate for Landraces and their preservation, after discovering that hybrids increased his symptoms of PTSD, like paranoia and panic attacks.