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Parkinson’s Patients Showing Long-Term Improvements When Using Medical Cannabis

According to a new research study published by the Clinical Neuropharmacology Journal, patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease are experiencing long-term benefits from the use of medical cannabis on a daily basis.

The study was conducted at the University of Tel-Aviv, Israel, a country at the forefront of global medical cannabis research.  47 patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease were monitored over a period of months, all of whom were ingesting medical cannabis daily.

The results stated that 82% of the patients reported medical cannabis “improved their overall symptoms”, specifically with reducing pain, tremors and improving sleep quality.

This study is the latest in a long line of research studies conducted on cannabis and its relationship with Parkinson’s. Almost all findings indicate that medical cannabis has a beneficial effect on the patients, especially with the reduction of tremors, improved mobility and reduced pain.

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