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Outdoor Strains: Sour Diesel

A hearty cannabis plant that flourishes outdoors is the notorious Sour Diesel. The name amply fits the strain, citrusy notes of lemon and lime precede a very heavy exhale. Faint notes of petrol and fuel finish the taste. This strain has a very wide variety of tastes that it covers.

This sativa is a tried and true “wake’n’bake” variety. Try a puff or two of this before you make breakfast. Sour Diesel is not a mind-bending sativa high, this won’t leave you paranoid or with racing thoughts. This strain does have an active high, so before bed wouldn’t be the best time to use it. SD does have an energetic high – some users report that they like smoking it “after work, but before the bars”. Smoke this before you go do something integrative. This is a perfect strain for creativity, activities, and being out and about.

One thing to keep in mind is that Sour Diesel has its genealogy in Sativa, not Indica. This means a longer, lankier plant. If you’re growing outdoors you will need to account for this needed room. Think “bamboo forest” not “tomato garden”. This plant will have long branches. One way to help to strengthen these limbs is to twist them, or force their growth in certain directions.

Sour Diesel is an iconic strain – most marijuana smokers have heard of it. There are also a lot of mixed stories about this strain nobody really knows where it came from. According to Leafly, Sour D. has its origins in Chem or Chem91. If you’ve ever smelled a bag of cannabis and thought “wow that smells like a freshly cleaned kitchen” or “a very pungent sharp note” that can be associated with the “chem” variety of cannabis. This chem geneology is absolutely the “diesel” aspect of the Sour Diesel at work. This flavour has a distinct smell, and if you are sensitive to “harsh” marijuana varieties, this may not be the strain for you. If smoked frequently, either Chem or Sour Diesel is going to be a strain that hurts the throat. Try a vaporizer, or concentrate if you do want the iconic taste, but fear you might have a sensitive respiratory system.

One of my favorite cannabis origin stories stems from the “NYC Diesel” variant of the strain. The story goes, that somewhere in a crowded building in NYC, a man rented out the top floor of an apartment building from a friend of a friend who knew a thing or two about plausible deniability. The guy setup the grow and the landlord and the grower used their mutual friend as a sort of middle man to broker the business they had. The grower set up a gorilla grow and quickly became a head dealer in the town. He acquired some seeds from a friend passing through town, and bread them with his already semi-successful crop. The new crop was Sour Diesel. The smell from his grow was (as legend has it) so dank that even the property owner wouldn’t be able to claim “no knowledge”.  Acting quickly, the grower utilized a bag or charcoal to create a “carbon filter” and so the carbon filter was created out of necessity.

I’m sure for every part of that story that’s true, two parts are fabricated, but it is somewhat empowering to think that  a strain that smelled so fragrantly, sparked the need for a carbon filter. If you grow outdoors, you shouldn’t need one, but you should be aware that Sour Diesel has a serious scent to it.

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