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Our Favourite Weed Subreddits

At the Seedsman blog, our dedicated team of professionals pride ourselves on bringing you the latest and greatest information on all things cannabis. Whether science and medicine, cultivation, culture, or cooking with cannabis, we aim to bring you fresh and relevant content every week to make your life as a grower or consumer of cannabis easier.

We also understand that many people like to tap into the global community of cannabis growers. It’s good to communicate with like-minded people. It’s also helpful to get as much first-hand user experience as possible. Whether your interest is as a hobbyist, intermediate or professional, getting advice is important.

If only somewhere existed where people worldwide could congregate to share their tips, tricks and experiences, right? Well, such a place exists, and that place is called Reddit.

In this article, we’ll point you in the direction of some of our favourite weed subreddits. You can dive deep into your preferred aspect of the cannabis culture and learn from hands-on people worldwide.

What is Reddit?

Reddit’s been around since 2005, so chances are you’ve either been there or come across the name in search engines. To the uninitiated, it helps to think of Reddit as a one-stop shop, an all-encompassing home on the internet for almost everything. Got a hobby or an interest? There’ll be a bustling community dedicated to it on Reddit, no doubt.

Almost anything you can think of, from Appalachian Mountain Whistling to Zombie cosplay, has an active hub on the site. Users submit content to the site through posts, links, images and videos, which are then voted up or down by other users. The good stuff (rated highly by enthusiasts) stays at or near the top, and the not-so-good stuff (rated low by enthusiasts) drops off the page. This means fans of any particular subject can have a say in separating the wheat from the chaff in terms of content.

With its near-infinite range of topics to browse, Reddit is a handy tool at your disposal. One of the most popular sites online, the site’s often referred to as “The front page of the internet”. Sure, there are some trolls in some sections – it’s the internet, after all – but there’s plenty of funny stuff and an incredible hive of information to explore.

You can visit the Reddit website or download the app to your personal device for an optimised experience.

What is a Subreddit?

Reddit is composed of hundreds, if not thousands, of specific subcommunities – for example, politics, film, sports, music, and so on. These subcommunities are referred to as subreddits in Reddit parlance. Each has a specific topic, for example – Cannabis: Outdoor Cultivation. Reddit’s homepage, aka the front page, contains links to the most popular trending posts from each default subreddit.

Reddit is Cannabis-Friendly

Even better, Reddit is a cannabis-friendly site with dozens of fabulous resources for everyone from the archetypal stoner to the medicinal cannabis-using professional. With a range of subreddits on almost every conceivable aspect of cannabis, Reddit has quietly grown to become one of the best hubs for weed-related content on the web.

There’s no censorship of terminology, content, or ideas, and regardless of your location or tastes, you can jump in and find something relevant.
Whether you seek advice on cultivation, medical use, strains, edibles, oils, or equipment, Reddit has it covered. There’s even mind-blowing visual content for those moments when you’re absolutely baked, and your brain starts to get a bit trippy.

Our Favourite Weed Subreddits

With dozens of subreddits available on cannabis, it helps to have a specific area in mind before trying to find it on the site (the term ‘labyrinth’ springs to mind). If you know what you’re looking for, it makes it a good bit easier to navigate. But if you want to cut to the chase and peruse some of the better weed-related subreddits, click the links below to zoom straight into some of the best cannabis subreddits we’ve come across.

r/Cannabis Growers

If you haven’t visited r/CannabisGrowers, you’re missing out. This subreddit forms a handy partnership with the Seedsman experience and creates a place for Seedsman customers to come together and discuss their projects. No surprise that it’s our favourite.

If you’ve just bought your seeds, planted your seeds, or are well underway with your grow, hop over to r/CannabisGrowers with any questions, and the Seedsman community will be there with information and solid guidance. Experienced members of the 27.4k-strong community can help solve problems and advise on getting the best results.

While you’re there, you can upload pictures and show off your grow, illustrate any problems you’ve come across, or admire the results other cultivators have achieved using Seedsman genetics. You can also create polls to engage other members, and the subreddit handily links back to the Seedsman website – so if you see a strain you like, you can order the seeds at the click of a button.

Search filters allow you to view topics by newest and most popular, allowing you to customise the way content appears in your feed.


Ever enjoyed a sesh with the kind of stoner whose rolling skills are nothing short of artistry? This is the place to learn how to do it. Dedicated purely to….the art of rolling….visit this sub if you want tips to perfect your basic joint rolling. You’ll also find illustrated guides and videos on levelling up your rolling game to achieve master status.

Think of the wackiest or most complex joint you’ve ever seen, smoked, or tried and failed to roll. Chances are high you’ll find a step-by-step guide to perfecting the technique on r/artofrolling. Worth bookmarking if you want to impress your pals at your next sesh.


Possibly the most-subscribed cannabis subreddit of them all, r/Trees is the creation of former Reddit Moderators (site admin) in a bid to build a large cannabis community on the site. With over a million subscribers, it’s safe to say they’ve achieved their aim.

Part of the popularity of r/Trees lies in the community itself. It’s a truly unique place on Reddit where the sense of belonging is real. Rather than focusing on a specific aspect of the cannabis scene, r/Trees takes a more all-encompassing approach. There’s a wide variety of cannabis subtopics to read about and participate in, and an overall quirkiness about the place. Make no mistake, though; these guys take their weed seriously.

r/Trees is a fun and informative hangout for potheads of all ages.


If you’re after something more entertaining, take a break from the informative subs and check out r/woahdude. This is the hangout for tripped-out stoners who want their minds blown.

The pinned note at the top of the page says, “Important – most of our subscribers have no idea what this subreddit is actually for”. As it turns out, the purpose of r/woahdude is to make sober people feel stoned, and stoned people trip harder. Intriguing.

You’ll find images, gifs, videos and games here, which may legitimately cause your brain to flip out. Come into this one sober, and you’ll be entertained. Come in high, and you better make sure you’re sitting down for some of this. After a few hits, you can potentially spend ages scrolling through the trippy goodness on offer in r/woahdude. It’s named ‘woahdude’ for a good reason.

What’s your go-to cannabis subreddit? Tell us in the comments!

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.

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