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Are these the Next 3 States to Legalize Recreational Cannabis?

Over the last few years, America has witnessed a number of changes in laws surrounding the use of cannabis. There are now 31 States that allow cannabis for medical use and 8 States that allow cannabis for recreational use. But who’s next? Here are the three possible next legal states for the recreational use of cannabis.

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New Jersey

Phil Murphy, the current governor of New Jersey is very enthusiastic regarding recreational legalisation in the state. He believes that not only can it help people with their health but it can also bring in $300 million for the state over the first few years of legalisation.

His most ardent and vocal opponent is Chris Christie, the former governor of the state. He stated that any money earned from cannabis legalisation would be “blood money”.

Nevertheless, Phil Murphy has certified that he will sign any bill legalising recreational cannabis that can make it through the state legislature.

As the current governor of New Jersey, Murphy holds a strong belief that recreational legalisation will benefit his state. Therefore, New Jersey has an extremely high chance of being one of the next legal states for the recreational use of cannabis.


In Delaware, cannabis is illegal for recreational use, though decriminalised for small amounts of possession.

The use of cannabis for medical purposes is permitted for adult patients with certain serious illnesses in the state. Governor Jack Markell also signed a bill in 2016 decriminalising private use of small amounts of cannabis.

After a meeting to come to a consensus earlier this year, the majority of lawmakers in the Delaware House of Representatives have voted in favour of legislation to legalize cannabis possession and sales. However, because of procedural rules requiring supermajority support, it did not advance.

After lowering the penalties for possession and having the plant legalised for medical use, Delaware is still considering the idea of having full recreational legalisation of the plant and should come to an agreement on being one of the next legal states in 2018.

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New Jersey, Delaware and Michigan: The next 3 states?


Leaders of a state-wide campaign to legalize cannabis in Michigan say they’ve garnered enough votes to put the issue to state ballot in 2018.

The legalisation of recreational use of cannabis could be very close for the state, as past rounds of voting have been in the favour of the legalisation.

The governor of Michigan (Rick Snyder) has passed a number of rules favouring the medical marijuana community of Michigan in recent months. And with the medical use of the plant having been legal in the state for a decade, it wouldn’t be surprising to see recreational movements in Michigan over the next 12 months. One of the next legal states? Very Possibly.

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Otto Stephens

Otto lives in the U.K. and takes an avid interest in the development of cannabis legalisation around the world.